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Esau Selling His Birthright (painting circa 16...

People Can Be Replaced

I wish to talk to you about the term “replaced” and what it means in the big scheme of God’s plan for mankind and also in a more narrow sense for us as individuals.  This is a cautionary tale meant to alert us to the very real prospect of our own replacement if we refuse to give way to our Father’s will.

In the natural world a machine has a number of parts which are vital and absolutely necessary for it to function properly.  If, for example, one of those parts is lost or stolen, it must be replaced or else the whole machine grinds to a halt.  All the parts of His plan must function for His will to be accomplished.  If a certain part of His plan refuses to take up their function, He must look for a replacement or else His plan will fail.

God says,

“God’s will is always paramount. YHWH’s desire is accomplished. Our Lord accomplishes his plan no matter what and no matter who.”

God views time very differently than we do. Therefore, because time does not matter to Him in the same way it does to us, He views history as a series of events that may take place rather than events that must happen at a certain time.  With God it is not so much a matter of when but a matter of will.

Therefore, it is the event that is important and God works single mindedly towards that event while at the same time being rather flexible as to timing and exactly who will fulfill it.  For instance, though God’s wanted the children of Israel to proceed directly to His promised land, it took forty years longer for a new generation fulfill His will.

Someone will inherit the land…

God promised the “children of Israel” a land flowing with milk and honey. Unfortunately, the original children of Israel YHWH called did not possess that promise.  Therefore, though He destroyed the unbelieving generation, still a new generation fulfilled His promise exactly as He foretold it.  To God, this was consistent with fulfilling His word.

The point is that we never have God backed into a corner and He is never out of options.  We can never put God in theological checkmate.  Never be so presumptuous to think that God must do things our way. 

Sometimes, God has to replace those he calls

Here are some scriptural examples of replacement in Gods word.  For instance, when queen Vasti would not answer the kings call, Esther replaced her. Moreover, Ishmael replaced Isaac and in the next generation Esau replaced Jacob. When Saul would not obey, God chose David to replace him.  When Judas sold Christ for 30 pieces of silver, The apostles chose another to take his place. God even Israel cut off for a season, replacing it by the gentile church. When the first Adam sinned, God created a second Adam. If you stop and think about it, God will replace anyone if they set themselves against His will.

God says,

“While God’s word is unchangeable, who actually accomplishes it is, many times, open to question.”

A promise of God is simply that: a pledge to do something if you obey.  God always fulfills his promises, though it’s not certain they’ll be fulfilled by you.

In conclusion, value the promises given you and treat our Father’s will with the respect and obedience He deserves.  Though none can forcibly remove us from our Fathers hand, we can certainly choose to go astray.  Therefore, do not frustrate His will in our lives. The truth is, if we refuse, God may replace us. 

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