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Our Spirit’s Playtime

Esther said about last nights sleep,

“You know I went sleep giving my spirit permission to go travelling. Next I know I’m waking up at, dunno what time, between 3 and 4 am…my spirit was going crazy really strong reactions powerful even…I don’t remember a dream or anything so not sure what that was about…wondering if you were in dunno going through something or praying or feeling me or anything about that time.

It really was strong almost sensual overload if that’s the right way to describe it, but really felt closer than close wanting even closer. Anyway said n asked it now…will zippit hope you sleep well and maybe you will be woken in such a way.”

You heard me as I wrote

Michael replied,

“Good muse. Amazing how God is just allowing us to start to understand the spiritual realm. Won’t hear these things in Sunday school!

Well, on my side of the pond, when you woke up is when I was writing the latest post, “The way of a man with a maid.” I listened “Gimmie Shelter” by Playing For Change over and over while I wrote.  While I typed, I literally had to suspend my natural judgement and not even think of what I was saying. Like you said, we just have to push away these nagging fears and decide to ignore them.  We decide to consciously let our spirits go and do whatever God wants.  The amazing thing is, the more I do that when I write, the less I end up having to correct grammar etc.

Reconnecting with what was lost

I think part of what is happening with you, with the body reactions, is that your spirit is re-connecting up with your flesh again. You feel the spirit even more now than you used too.  I think that when we come back into the Garden state we reintegrate. We literally start to feel the Spiritual realm like we use to do before the fall. That is my working theory anyway.

Maybe this weekend we can take another trip or do whatever God wants to do. I would like that.

At this point in God, both Esther and I felt like we had passed the point of “no return.” There was no real point in going back acceptable Christianity anyhow. This is holy ground and, in His presence, we might as well let God be and do whatever He wants to do.

Additionally, our spirits feel like they are connected in the spirit. Spiritual union opens us up to all sorts of new experiences.  On the other hand, being so vulnerable to one another in our spirits also brings up things that lay buried deep in our pasts.  The more we experience spiritual intimacy the more we expose who we really are to each other.

Bearing our souls and spirits to one another

Confessing our faults one to another is a big part of healing our spirits and being transparent in God.  When we come before God we cannot bring this world with us. We have to loose it off our feet.  As we take off our shame and stand as God intended,  the heavens are literally open to us.  Eden restored through intimacy with God and each other.  Communion regained, oneness achieved.  Truly, eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, what our Father has prepared for those who love Him in each other.

Esther mused,

“To know the Lord is to lose the earth. The Scriptures are more than words, they are the ‘literal’ key to God’s Spiritual Kingdom. Do not make the Bible an idol and locked door in your journey with God. Do not kill the Bible by keeping to the letter and not the Spirit of it. It is a spiritual work, not a fictional one. One kills…the other leads to light, love, life and freedom. Words have the power of life and death, not just the ones that roll off the tongue! Choose life!”

The More I Seek You by Kari Jobe