Open Bible To begin with, the religious system we see prevailing in the Christian church is largely not of God.  While, the major denominations were, at one time, on the cutting edge of what God was doing, presently they are mere forms of godliness denying the power thereof.  In fact, many have become comfortable prisons which prevent Gods children from maturing into His image and likeness.

There are several fundamental changes that need to take place in order to allow God to begin to move His people forward.  It is necessary to change the structure of what has come to be called “church” because what we have now serves more to hinder than to promote what God wants to accomplish in and through His people.

To begin with, we need to fully restore the office and authority of apostles and prophets.  In some ministries the office of prophet is somewhat respected but in my view these present day oracles of God are too tightly controlled and not given the freedom to speak and act as God directs them.  True prophets need room to work as God leads them and should not be controlled by those who scarcely understand and often times fear them.

Apostles, in my estimation, have to be given control of and final authority over churches and groups of churches.  Apostles are anointed to really see the big picture and are the only ones able to lay (or relay) the foundation of the church.  They possess the supernatural ability to understand and correctly handle prophets.  I believe that most prophets should seek to be under an apostle simply for the fact that as they traverse the realms of the spirit they need someone to help them still relate to earthly people.

Until the offices of apostle and prophet are restored to Gods church His body will never function as intended because it lacks its spiritual eyes and ears.  More than anything else the lack of these two ministries is why the church has not had as great of impact as it is capable of doing.  When I speak of impact I am talking about major movements like evangelism of the Muslim nations and advancement of God’s people as a whole into the Tabernacle experience of oneness with God.

Next, emphasis needs to change from teaching to experiencing God personally on a daily basis.  Many western Christians are literally being taught to death.  They have been given  so much information that they are all tied up in spiritual knots and are afraid to step out in the Spirit for fear of breaking some principle.  Many times these “principles” are no more than what used to be called “traditions of men.”  Personally I would welcome actually hearing God’s voice to being taught about it any day.  I respect all the stories of the Bible but I want to live out my own story of faith.  As good and as instructive and teaching about Jesus is it is far better to talk to Him personally today as a disciple.

In order to shift emphasis to experiential Christianity Gods people need to be encouraged to hear and trust God’s voice for themselves.  They need to first come to know Their Father’s voice and then gain confidence in it through actually doing what He commands.  They need to be allowed to make mistakes so that they can personally learn what is and is not of Him.  Even more importantly, they need to come to a place where they will trust and obey even if what God asks of them does not make sense to their natural minds.  Only in this way will God be able to bring them out of all the false teaching they have been indoctrinated with throughout the years.  People need to experience God’s truths through the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit (i.e. revelation) so that they will believe and stand firm in them.

Pastors and Teaches need to come into correct relationship to the the higher offices also.  Right now they rule their churches with rods of iron and demand obedience to what they consider to be correct even if God leads their sheep differently.  Babies and young children need guidance but one hopes that by the time children mature into young men and women they have gained enough sense to become autonomous thinkers.  Likewise, people who have walked in the way for sometime should mature to a point where they do not have to always look to pastors and teachers to tell them right and wrong.  Moreover, pastors and teachers need to let go and let God lead and guide these young men and women.  Right now, there is very little freedom in religious circles to be led by the Spirit.

Next, people need to stop worshipping the Bible as if it were God.  The Bible is not God and is not in and of itself holy.  Though the Author is holy the words that are written are simply His thoughts expressed over many generations through many different people who were lead by His Holy Spirit.  We should be thankful for the Bible and give it all the respect that it deserves but we should never worship it.  It is not like in the movies that the demons cry out at the sight of a Bible. The only thing demons fear is God Himself.

The Bible is a book from which we can derive specific commandments and general principles on how God deals with mankind.  However, it is the Author we should focus upon.  The word of God that He is speaking today…and that is generally ignored, is vital because it is relevant, specific, and fresh.  What we call the New testament was once new revelation and this is why the church thrived and grew in breadth and depth so quickly.  We need revelators who will stand up and say “this is that” when God does something new and unique.

The damming thing about loving the Bible and being enthralled with “the Word” is that we are actually not loving the Bible at all but only the crude idol we have made of it.  What we have been taught in essence becomes “the Bible.” We love our doctrine like it was God Himself.  Denominations are in various degrees of error and perpetrate all manor of erroneous Christian falsehoods.  Many of these beliefs really make no sense all but people insist they are true because they believe they must obey “the Word” which is what their group insists is God.

The remedy for this particular problem is to let the Holy Spirit lead each individual into all truth and since the Holy Spirit (who is just the Spirit of our Father) has one mind we will all come into agreement too.  Since the rise of the Catholic church leaders really never kujed the idea that the common man can determine what they should and should not believe because it takes the control of the people out of their hands.  However, if we are ever going to come into a unity of the faith it will only be through a common shared experience with God and not through teaching.  People have been appealing to the natural minds of men for  centuries and it has failed miserably because the knowledge of good kills just as surely as the knowledge of evil.

In conclusion, foundations are important and we need to re-lay the foundations of the present church so that what God wishes to build upon these fundamental structures will stand strong and prosper.  This cannot be done with the present leadership of the church.  They resist the Holy Spirit and frustrate His will in favor of holding on to the past.  A new generation of leaders must stand up in the wilderness of this world, come forth at the appointed time, and preach and teach by revelation once again.  We must prepare the people to receive their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  If we fail to make straight the paths of our Lord in the hearts of His chosen they will not recognize the time of their visitation. You know who you are and you know that God has been preparing you for such a day as this.  Take up the mantle which you have been given and strike the waters of Christianity declaring with one voice, “where is the Lord God of Elijah!”