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Revealing The Nature Of God

When a woman bares a child, she reveals her love for her mate to the world.  She takes part of Him and herself, in the most intimate way possible, fashioning their combination into one new person.  By herself, a woman cannot bring forth life, but in revealing herself to her mate intimately, she ultimately manifests Him to the world.

Likewise, our life is in God.  Without Him, we cannot manifest His nature.  As we allow God to reveal Himself to us, and we open up to Him, we manifest His nature to the world.  We become, essentially, an amalgamation of God and man, just like His son Jesus Christ is.

Revealing God’s nature

That fact is, God is so vast, so unimaginably multifaceted, revealing His nature takes an infinite number of people.  Each and every one of us potentially reveals an aspect of God never seen before.  We conceive and ultimately birth the attributes of our Creator through yielding to Him completely.

The tragic truth is, the part that God destined for you to manifest remains unseen if you do not manifest it.  Revealing His nature, if you never birth what God has given you, goes missing forever.  This is essentially what Satan is doing through His war on children.  Just like Pharoah and Herod, the Devil tries to prevent the manifestation of the sons of God through killing them.  The sin of abortion, beyond its hideous nature on earth, has terrible consequences that reverberate throughout eternity.  Though it seems expedient to some in the here and now, erasing a child from existence hurts God in ways we can’t imagine.

The power of His love

So many people read what I say and don’t allow these truths to fully impact them. I know this is a function of Strong Delusion.  To many, who think after the natural man,  these essays are just a curiosity among many different curiosities on the internet.  However, to those God is calling to as His Bride, listen to this:

“Only you can manifest God in the way you are uniquely suited for.  Give our Bridegroom the desire of His heart by revealing His nature and bringing forth after His kind.”

In conclusion, God destines us, as the Bride of Christ, to reveal His nature both in this world and in the world to come.  We are the greater man-child spoken of in the book of Revelation Chapter 12.  God calls you to be part of this overcoming company of saints through His Divine Love.  Become the Shunammite you were meant to be and start revealing God in this earth, thus proving, you are worthy to be the wife of the Most High.

Power Of You Love by John Barbour