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Small, Mobile and Spirit Led

We have been musing about how to share the message of Tabernacles. One idea we have come up with, is the concept of a revival in a pack pack. Essentially, we have two blue tooth speakers, battery powered, a wireless mic one or both of us can wear, and sit and converse about the Tabernacle Experience.

What I am looking for is something that activates peoples spirit. You would be doing a potcast, but it would be open to the public at the same time. We could have a small sign that says, podcast in progress and list

The ultimate pop-up

Small, mobile, and light, we could do two or three five minute podcasting sessions in a single day in different locations. It would take some experimentation, but as the Spirit leads, would could learn how to do it effectively.

God does not shout, but speaks in a still small voice. However, it is His voice of revelation that speaks. Intimate and as personal as a love feast, podcasting about the things the Spirit shows us could reach many.

Podcasting Equiptment

In conclusion, dare to begin

Everything starts small and grows from there. Moreover, we must be open to doing things differently if we want to make an impact in our generation. Our desire is to move minister into the hands of the Body of Christ and away from the traditional pulpit model.

Finally, everyone gives their hearts to Jesus Christ individually. We don’t have to minister to the masses, the only person we need talk to is the one that the Holy Spirit desires to speak to this day, where we are. One on one is good enought, because untill like a pastors, we are a whol congregation doing the work of the ministry.

Spirit Lead Me By Hillsong United