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“The ripple effect of God’s Divine Love radiates out from our hearts to all those around us.  Sometimes we don’t understand the effects we have on others or how deeply God’s love through us moves them.  A kind word, loving touch, or listening ear is often times just what people need.”

Michael King


I woke this morning to Paul Wilber’s song, “Song of the Beautiful Bride“, playing in my head.  The lyrics went,

“Out of the darkness
Redeemed from the night
Bathed in His glory
Reflecting His light
Oh what a beautiful Bride”

by Paul Wilber

Most mornings, it’s like my spirit reluctantly disengages from a praise and worship session its been enjoying while I’ve been asleep. It’s similar to waking up from a dream which seems so real, yet immediately begins to fade as I wake.

How does God share Divine Love?

Today, Esther said,

“I’ve been thinking about the practicalities and realities of how God propagates the Tabernacle Experience among us.  I mean, what does Divine Love look like in the real, day-to-day world?”


“What has God been speaking to you about that?”


” Well, my experience with my friend at church is a good example.  I’ve been seeing her  on a one-on-one basis for years now.  In the first three years, all I basically did was build trust and closeness between us.  The world really hit her hard and she trusted no one and nothing in life any more.  Our society had basically failed to help her through the different trauma’s and illnesses she’s suffered.  So, in the beginning at least, all I could do was love her and be a steady friend.

Then about two years ago, after we met and I started to experiencing massive healings and deliverances in my own life, things changed.  As I experienced Tabernacles with her, it was like that same healing balm started to overflow into her life also.  As I felt better, I started to open up little by little to my friend, taking to her about the “Essence” of the Tabernacle Experience.”

God’s healing our spirits


“Healing begets healing”


“I began sharing small studies her, show different scriptures about Divine Love and intimacy without being overly specific.”


“Oooo, I like that term “Essence.  Not Tabernacles theology per se, but the essence of it through your personal experience with God’s Divine Love”.

The Essence of the Tabernacle Experience is


“As I did, God arranged it so I started spending even more time with her.   We ate lunch together, the two of us, often having boxed salads and a brew.  As God led, I continued to build relationship with her, sharing what God is doing in my life.  Even though my friend has major trauma issues and related difficulties, she began to open up to me and, I believe,  God’s Spirit in me. “

Esther continued,

“So, I have been thinking that, connections is not a matter of just two people connecting.  Even though there may be one that is primary, I think overall it’s one bigger connection, a ripple effect taking place through many people, passed on like a baton in a relay race.  Except in this race, we pass on our hearts to each other and God’s Divine Love with them”.


“Yes, I like the way you put that also.  It is a kind of ripple effect of God’s love passed around through Divine Connection”.

Flowing in God just becomes habit


“As God has been moving in my life, there’s this ripple effect of doing whatever He leads me to do, small or large, at the prompting of His Spirit.  Now days,  even if it does not make sense at the time, I just do it.  Now that I feel free others are being freed also.  As I practice “listening, hearing, and obeying on time”; knowing that God can use anyone, anytime, anywhere, my actions issue from my heart and spirit naturally.  Doing anything God says at the time He says to do it, is literally my rule of thumb these days in any situation.

So, with my friend, who is really a shut in, fearing to go anywhere in public, I just asked her to come to church the other day.  She said “yes”. which is an utter miracle.  She really enjoyed the service and, at the end of the music, when the pastor asked if anyone wants jesus in their lives and to commit to him, she raised her hand.  (I know she did because I was peeking!)”.


“Wow, and that would not have happened without you being Spirit lead and healed yourself”.


“Yes, exactly.  At the end of everything, as we went home, she was so excited to tell her friends about everything that happened.”

Divine Love ripples through our lives

Esther continues,

“The things God needs to do in people’s lives are not necessarily a quick fix.  The essence of the Tabernacle Experience, which is Divine Love with each other, ripples out from us, maintaining its strength and force, into other people’s lives.  It’s like a chain reaction, through spiritual unions, powered by God’s love”.

The ripple effects of God’s Divine Love


“I see what you are getting at.  God’s love has the force of a tidal wave, but instead of destruction, it brings refreshing, restoration, and renewal.  It leaves fresh love and hope in its wake, enabling growth and intimacy with Him.  It’s like a spiritual fulfillment of this scripture,

“They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.”

Isaiah 11:9


“The effects of our Spiritual Connections spill over from our spirits into other people’s lives.  People respond to God’s Spirit in us, in the way they responded to Jesus.  All this bypasses the natural man and works from the inside out through God’s divine love.  Spirit recognizes Spirit and that is what connects us in Him.”

Life more abundantly


“Yes, where the Spirit of God  is, there is liberty and there is life.  I think what is happening to you, is a teaching moment for us on how God wants to share Tabernacles with others.  The things you’ve said brings further clarity to me about how the Holy Spirit propagates the Tabernacles Experience.  I think what happened with your friend is exactly how Divine Love will spread from person to person. You don’t have to go to Timbuktu to do it either, God connects you with people already near you.”

In conclusion, the Spirit teaches us all truth.  Our healing and freedom ripple out from our  Divine Connections with Him in each other, to those who are open to His Holy Spirit.  Moreover, we don’t have to know  through our natural minds what God freely gives us by revelation.  This is how Jesus’s yoke is easy and his burden is light.  All we have to do is allow God to live through us, by faith, and walk in the cool of the day with the lover of our souls.


All romantic music, when done right, is at its core, about God and His Bride.  Through some misappropriate that relationship and lavish it upon earthly lovers, in reality, Divine Love is what their really singing about.  When you listen to this song, picture God speaking to those He loves and His Bride responding in kind. 

All of Me – John Legend Cover (Luciana Zogbi)