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Is This Your Salvation?

Does our salvation depend on our doctrine? No, it does not. Those who believe that their eternal destiny is dependent upon what they believe are “works-based” Christians. Rather than depending on the salvation that was once delivered unto the Apostles, they have become neo-Pharisees who believe their works (what they believe) commends them to God.

There are really very few things Christians have to believe to be saved. Basically, we have to believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins, was buried, and rose from the dead on the third day for our justification. Other than that, nothing more is required of us, else the thief on the cross could not have met Jesus in paradise that day.

Stop adding to the gospel

It is man that has added to the salvation that the Apostles first believed. We have made our traditions into requirements and changed salvation something we earn and not something gives God freely. Like the Pharisees of old, many demand that others tithe mint and cumin while neglecting the greater things of the New Testament. To them, salvation is dependent upon Christ’s sacrifice “and” a bunch of other stuff you must perform to be accepted. Shame on you.

Doctrine is our undoing. Believing themselves to be more righteous than others, they pick and choose whom to fellowship with based upon it. They may allow some to “color outside the lines a bit”, but they had better not get too crazy or else they can’t accept them as a brother or sister in Christ.

Why do you judge another man’s servant?

Based upon their understanding of the “Word”, they feel justified to judge another man’s servant. Moreover, all semblance of love and compassion fails when someone doesn’t fit their doctrinal profile. they have fractured God’s church and caused His body to break apart because of dogmatic hubris. Again, shame on them.

Pastors and teachers of the Word have commandeered God’s church, steadfastly refusing to listen to His Prophets and Apostles. Thinking themselves wise in their own eyes, they act like masters of God’s vineyard rather than the humble servants YHWH requires. They feign rightness before men while spitefully using and abusing His saints. Blind leaders of the blind, you do not allow the Holy Spirit to lead you nor do you suffer those who are Spirit led to follow His will.

Salvation comes through relationship

My salvation depends on my relationship with Jesus Christ. I seek to know Him like He knows me. I do not answer to anyone but the Holy Spirit, for He is my covering. My church is his body and my calling is to be led by His Holy Spirit.

You cry that God doesn’t lead us by our feelings. However, feelings of being led by the Holy Spirit are not the same thing as being led around by our natural minded emotions. Our emotions are a byproduct from God. We react with joy, tears, profound silence, or amazing certainty because we are hearing God’s voice. Do you not understand how much you disrespect the Holy Ghost when you call the manifestations He gives us of Beelzebub?

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil still kills

People who “pride” themselves on only following the word are in fact following their natural reasoning a great deal of the time. You assume this and that about God based upon your own intellect, having little to no real-world experience. That is why “ministers” in many denominations reject the infilling of the Holy Spirit based upon their reading of scripture. However, those who are Spirit filled see the word clearly due to their experience of speaking in other tongues. Likewise, people who stand against the Tabernacle Blessing do so precisely because they have not experienced it. The truth is, once you’ve tasted of Tabernacles you cannot help but exclaim, “who wouldn’t want this!”

In the end, retreating into doctrine is like holding onto the tree of the knowledge of good and evil for salvation. The scriptures, both testaments, are but teachers to bring us to Christ. Like the Pentateuch, the New Testament was given to us because we were not yet ready to be Spirit Led in all things.

Here is a truth,

When Christ manifests in your flesh, you do not need to keep reading the scripture because you are now living scripture.

Do not be fearful children

Fearful children cower in the corner of their doctrinal houses because everything feels unsafe. Trapped in a world of bad actors, they hold onto things instead of the one who truly loves them. Fearing to experience spiritual life, they waste away inside their doctrinal walls because it is the only place they feel safe. While they do this, true spiritual life passes them by. When anyone dares to live in God, the best they can muster is to warn others to not go outside.

Judaism is shattered and relegated to the diaspora and a small country in the Middle East. However, God’s original plan was for the Law to prepare his people to be a light to the gentiles. Men twisted what YHWH meant to be a blessing. Doctrine gave them the twisted boldness to yell, “crucify him”. Adherence to their doctrine killed the very Son of God. Don’t be guilty of doing that same thing to your brothers and sisters today.

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you

I know that many tear their clothes in anguish at the mere mention that Paul’s writings are not completely inspired. But really, how do you think that Paul received those same scriptures in the first place? Are you forever going to be under Paul’s shadow or are you going to graduate to being directly led by Jesus like he was?


Michael King

Meeting God is an emotional experience

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