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saving God's Seraphs

Let’s not kid each other, many of us have felt this desperate

It is hard to admit to others that we have been so weighed down with the cares and worries of this life that a grave looked appealing. As Christians we are supposed to be “believers”, and killing ourselves is a mortal sin. Moreover, we even feel bad about having thoughts about suicide after we don’t do it. Seems sometimes that we can’t win for losing.

It is a terrible thing to feel so worthless, so utterly in pain, that we contemplate risking eternal night. However, this is really what the plan of the Devil is all about, killing us and separating us from God forever. In Lucifer’s mind, even the lake of fire is too good for us.

Saving God’s Seraphs

Salvation is the act of saving God’s Seraphs from suffering an eternity of torment. The truth is, God created mankind and called us very good. Though YHWH creates us a little lower than the angels, He destines us to become one of the “us” in His temple. It is our destiny to cry Holy, Holy, Holy and adore the Most High. Lucifer, in her rage and rebellion, sought to take all that from God by making us experience an eternity of torment with her in the lake of fire.

Compassion in the midst of conflict

Salvation is not a pretty business, but a messy battlefield rescue. We do what is necessary that “some” might be saved. Tragically, many are too badly hurt and perish right before our eyes. It’s just plain horrific, and that is why it is called a war in heaven.

However, God calls some of us to be battlefield medics for the Most High. God trusts us to do our best that some can have a chance at eternal life. Sometimes we make gut-wrenching choices as to who lives and who dies because, truthfully, we are short-handed and understaffed. Yet, as good soldiers, we do our best and answer God’s call even if it is above and beyond the call of duty.

Saving God’s Seraphs

If you grow weary and feel like ending it all, don’t. We all tire of the war, and the sheer weight of our sorrows sometimes press down upon us like the foot of a great dragon. However, at those times simply trust in God and know that there is a new day dawning in the morning and there is hope.

In conclusion, God has His legions of angels in holy armor to fight these ungodly melees for us. These divine protectors stand between us and all those who want to kill, maim, and torture God’s beloved. Sometimes we just need to stand back and let them do their job. Let us rest with the Most High where He is. Our destiny is to be in the presence of God, close to His heart, forever. Amen.

The Moment Of Peace by Sarah Brightman