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The Sea Of Glass Is God’s Window Into Our World

John says,

“And before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal: and in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts full of eyes before and behind.”

Revelation 4:6

Before God lies a sea of glass, deep and wide, clear as crystal.  This sea is, in fact, a window to our world.  In that place all is still and no winds blow to disturb the image of what our Father sees.

In heaven, you can see for eternity

Our Father’s sight is clear, there is no distortion or opacity of any kind, only clarity.  On the other hand, on earth we see as through a glass darkly where everything is indistinct.

The difference between heaven and earth is the way in which we see.  God reveals all in heaven by His spoken word, while we on earth perceive everything through the knowledge of good and evil. Revelation makes everything clear while the forbidden fruit obscures all.

The only way we can have clarity of vision is to live by His revelation. Those around His throne are full of eyes because they see as He sees due to close proximity.

We can never know God through our natural minds

I went to five years of intense Bible College, yet I could not see clearly because I tried to know God through my natural mind.  I studied a spiritual book through my intellect and found that the knowledge of good only brought death to my soul.  The more I learned the more I died inside.  At the end of knowing everything a natural man could know about scripture I was further away from knowing Him than when I began.

One hour in the presence of God will teach you more about Him than all the Bible knowledge in the world. I understand now that we cannot see God from our earthly perspective. God wants us to live by revelation, not knowledge, seeing through a sea of glass as He does.

Give me direct revelation

I don’t like hearing teaching these days unless it is given by revelation. I don’t read books unless they are written under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Sermons where men proclaim what they know instead of whom they know hurt my ears. I am simply weary of being told about God by those who do not know Him. My soul yearns for the current word of His Spirit.

The Apostle John saw a New Heavens and New Earth clearly, because he saw it from eternity. Today, if we truly desire to know and do His will, we must see the world through a heavenly perspective too.  Anything garnered from this realm, from this earthly viewpoint, is distorted and almost useless. The only way to truly see things as they actually are is through a sea of glass as our Father does.

Sea of Glass by Adrienne Frailey