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Mission accomplished

(Realm of Elysia)

Waking up early, before the dawn, Rundsey scratched his nose with his right paw. Stretching, feeling rested, he rose and moved silently towards the two. Sensing the sleeping blond’s spirit, he said “It is okay now,” and turned to go.

“Thank you,” he heard her spirit say softly as he trotted out the door and into the new day.

He felt light and satisfied. The fresh smells of the morning delighted his senses. The few people he met greeted him with great respect, offering different tidbits for breakfast. At noon, he crossed the road once again, then disappeared into the underbrush, intent on reaching home and his mate as soon as possible.

A cascade of emotions

(Vatican City, 1690)

holy kiss

Stunned, the big monk fell speechless at Fiammetta’s revelation. A father? said it all to him and much more. Having a family was the one thing Tim was sure he’d never see. Fatherhood was too dangerous and incompatible with the cloak and dagger activities of The Order. In fact, Cardinal Jenkins strictly warned him against such familial entanglements.

Fiammetta, feeling the cascade of emotions in her man, suddenly wondered if her news was welcomed after all. Had she made a mistake? Was he angry with her? He must know she would make no public claims on him. Did Tim feel it wasn’t proper for them to bring a life into the world with their love?

Heart sinking, she suddenly felt the soft caress of the back of his fingers against her cheek, driving away her fears. Reaching up to his face, she felt tears flowing from his eyes, as he said, “My love, you’ve made me the happiest man on earth.”

I feel whole

(Realm of Elysia)

Rolling over to her back, Bren opened her eyes, thinking, I feel…good. Touching her face, she wondered if she looked different. The pain, it was just…gone. That crashing about in her, the constant war within herself, had left. Those negative feelings had been with her so long, she assumed they were part of her, but now, feeling the difference, she realized that it had been something extra, like a burden thrust upon her by life.

Looking around the booth, Desere was nowhere to be found, and the pillow where the Rundsey had slept lay empty, too. Bren stood, stretched, and felt delicious. It was good to be bare and she felt beautiful. Bren thought back to what Manu had said at the Lilly Pond and she knew she didn’t need to cover herself any more; in fact, she relished the freedom.

I’m hungry

Desere walked in with some food, and looking at Bren, asked, “How are you this morning?”

Smiling, Bren replied, “I feel marvelous! And hungry!” Sitting down at the table, both girls dug in to a breakfast of cakes and fruits. Bren, for her part, couldn’t keep from staring at her host.

Desere met her eyes often, too, allowing her friend to see deeply into her soul. Bren, loving a fresh roll and butter, said, “It feels like I know you, or have known you forever. When I look at you, I don’t need to hide anything.”

“Yes, I feel it too, our spirits are connected.”

In her heart, Bren knew what her friend said was absolutely true, even if she didn’t completely grasp it. She felt drawn to her from her belly up into her chest, like just being with her was the most right thing in the world.

A holy kiss

“I feel like I want to kiss you,” Bren said, not thinking before she spoke.

“Okay,” the tall dancer said as she came over and kissed her deeply. Melting into one another as they stood, Brenzel felt completely loved. Desere smiled, as she looked in her eyes, then Bren kissed her back.

Brenzel Finnegan had been with the odd girl or two, mostly when drunk, but it was not “her thing.” Brenzel preferred men and never really thought about it more than that. However, kissing Desere wasn’t like that at all, it was an honest expression of her heart, of her spirit. It felt like just a profound way for Desere to say ‘I love you’ to a friend that was so close, they were one.

Sitting back down, Bren looked at Desere and asked with wonder, “What is this? I feel I love you but it’s not like any love I’ve ever felt before.”

God’s love

“It’s God’s love, sweet one, and mine; in fact, we both love you very much,” she said smiling as she reached for another strawberry. “When I kiss you, it is a Holy Kiss, because it’s both God and me kissing you. We are one and I am one with you, we are one in Him.”

That’s it, Bren thought, the holy kiss must be God’s love because it was the purist, most unselfish, joyful feeling she’d ever felt in her whole life. When she looked at Desere, she was sure God looked back at her. When they kissed, it was as if He was expressing His love through her friend.

Sitting there, Bren had this overwhelming feeling that she was on holy ground.

Desere said, “I remember when I first saw you, the last night I danced. My spirit was completely open and then I saw you in the crowd. Sometimes I connect with people during my dance, but what my spirit did with you was something way beyond anything I’ve felt before. I almost walked off stage right then to you.”

Returning her gaze, Bren said, “I felt it, too, right in my belly. My spirit almost jumped out of me to you. Is that fire your spirit?” Bren asked.

His Shekinah Glory

“It is, mixed with the God’s Shekinah, His essence.”

“That’s amazing…what does it feel like?” Bren asked,

“You just get lost in Him by letting go of everything. You feel your spirit spread from your belly up and down your body. He takes you to places beyond everything. It’s very warm and intimate. You become one with Him and He with you. You feel totally and completely loved.”

Bren rolled her eyes and giggled, “That is fantastic,” she said, standing and twirling around. “This is God? All I ever knew about God was sitting in a church, hearing a priest say mass.”

Desere laughed and looked at Bren practically bouncing up and down with delight, thinking, you’re adorable! “Bren, may I ask you a question?”

“Yes, of course, what?”

“I’ve never felt someone this strongly, ever. I’ve connected with others through the years, but nothing like you. What are you? Being near your spirit is – overwhelming.”

You know Dove?

Sitting back down at the table, Bren considered for a moment, saying, “You know, I’ve never really believed it until now, and it still seems fantastical to me. But what Dove and the others say about me might be true.”

“You know Dove?”

“Yes, I rode down from her Sanctuary a few days ago.”

“Oh my God, you’re a Seraph!”

“Well, yes, that is what they say.”

“But you look like one of us!”

“They say I’ll grow into it or something.”

Suddenly awestruck, Desere got on the floor and bowed to the ground, saying, “I’m sorry your majesty, I did not know, please forgive me.”

Taken aback by the sudden turn of conversation, Bren said, “Desere, what are you doing, stop it! Don’t bow to me!” Walking around the table, she got down on the ground, saying, “I am just like you, don’t do this, you’re making me feel…weird.”

I’m just Bren

Looking up, Desere allowed Bren to lift her until standing. The tall dancer looked into Brenzel’s shocked face with awe as she caressed her cheek. Desere said, “I’ve never felt a spirit like yours before. There’s no end to it’s depth.”

Pulling her close, Brenzel said, “Sweet one, I’m just Bren, that’s all. All I know is that I love you from my heart and spirit. Whatever I am does not change that. Okay?”

Nodding, Desere held her tightly, thinking to herself, Girl, you’ve bound yourself to a Seraph, what in heavens did you get yourself into?

Bren said after a little while, “Des, I’m going to get dressed. Today, I finally want to see The Mysteries.”

Gathering herself together, Des said, “Oh yes, let’s do! You know, I hear they have Pandas!”