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Have You Ever Had One Of Those Days When All Seems Lost?

So many of us are tired and fearful. We have been in a storm for so long we are growing faint. To the natural man, everything looks like doom and gloom. In the midst of the storm, we feel the temptation to resign ourselves to what looks to be “inevitable.”

Paul says,

And when neither sun nor stars in many days appeared, and no small tempest lay on us, all hope that we should be saved was then taken away.  But after long abstinence Paul stood forth in the midst of them, and said, Sirs, ye should have hearkened unto me, and not have loosed from Crete, and to have gained this harm and loss.  And now I exhort you to be of good cheer: for there shall be no loss of any man’s life among you, but of the ship.  For there stood by me this night the angel of God, whose I am, and whom I serve,  Saying, Fear not, Paul; thou must be brought before Caesar: and, lo, God hath given thee all them that sail with thee.”

Acts 27:20-24

Seeing past the storm

Paul was in a storm for 14 days and there seemed to be little hope of survival.  Yet Paul saw past that storm by faith and believed God for deliverance because His angel said so.  It did not matter that what Paul said seemed impossible, all that mattered is that God said it was.

In our lives, we have storms that we face that seem impossible.  We have been in them so long that we are tired and weary from fighting a seemingly endless fight.  Yet, the voice of God says to you today, “fear not, I Am with you, you shall overcome.”

Be of good cheer!

Finally, I encourage each one of us to “see past” our storm by faith and know that our deliverance draws near.  Stand up, in the midst of certain doom, and declare with a loud voice “be of good cheer!” The worse the circumstance becomes, the louder we will believe God until the impossible becomes not just probable but an absolute certainty!


Every Praise by Hezekiah Walker