The opposite of liberty is control


Above all, what the Devil seeks to do, is control what people see and hear so as to promote an alternate reality.  This is why we see so much of his work on television and radio.  He wishes to control what people see and hear in order to influence how they believe.

Unfortunately, some Christians are also the foot soldiers of this type of control. People who are deceived protect and advocate false doctrine which they mistakenly hold to be true and inviolate.  Thinking they do God a favor, they oppose the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking through His saints.

Have your received the Holy Spirit since you believed?


Many who resist that Holy Spirit are not aware they are being influenced by evil spirits.  God does not dwell in them, therefore, the spiritual realm remains largely beyond their comprehension.  Many times church leaders, who are unwitting pawns of  our adversary,  seek to marginalize and even exclude what they do not agree with.  Their grace extends only so far as their toleration and abruptly ends when they are offended.  Lacking spiritual perspective they persecute people and ideas they do not yet understand.  This is unfortunate because they slip into the role of persecutors of God’s house rather than servants of His people.


Foot shoulders of deception


One of the main problems with those who seek to control the Spirit is that they end blocking others from the truth.  Such “doctors of the law” mistakenly believe their viewpoint is correct when, in fact, it is not.  Therefore, religious people end up persecuting those who are being led by the Spirit because they reject God.  As believers challenge their dogma their zeal to protect their error only seems to increase.  These zealots become foot soldiers of evil by helping our adversary discourage others from entering into the light.

Thanks be to God that people can no longer control access to the truth like the Catholic Church did during the dark ages.  Today, we are free to speak what God gives us to all.  Though neo-pharisees may block a little of the flow of the Spirit they really have very little effect on the whole.  Our thoughts are free and you cannot fight an idea from God.


Dismissing what you cannot control


When religious leaders realize that they cannot stop the truth then they turn to ridicule.  Nature minded men simply cannot understand what God speaks through Spirit led believers. Therefore, because they do not listen to the Holy Ghost, they assume, wrongly, all sorts of things about what Spirit led believers say.  These modern-day Pharisees cannot understand the Spirit today any better than their counterparts did in first century in Jerusalem.


The common people heard Jesus gladly


Anyone who allows God to speak through them will encounter people seeking to control the Spirit.  The message of the spiritual fulfillment of Tabernacles is going to meet with resistance, however, it is important to take care how we deal with that resistance.  Remember, the common people heard Jesus gladly. Likewise, the common people will hear Emanuel in us with just as much joy.  Do not engage in endless discussions with detractors  unless the holy Spirit leads you to do so. Concentrate on causing the spiritually blind to see, the spiritual lame to walk, and the spiritually deaf to hear.  Do the will of your Father.


Four Steps to take when people seek to control Spirit


First of all, most of those who resist the Spirit of Truth are sincerely deceived.  They literally know not what they do.  Realizing this we must not allow ourselves to blame them. Recognize who our real adversary is: Satan and his demons.  The fleshly response to being wronged is to fight back.  However, we are children of the most high and we need to walk worthy of our savior. Do not return evil for evil. God is our judge and He will repay if needs be.


There will be persecution, but don’t let it get you down


Secondly, do not allow persecution to cause us to develop a “circle the wagons” mentality.  This is a very subtle and dangerous tactic of the enemy. By withdrawing and protecting ourselves, we turn inward and cease to do God’s work…which is what Satan wants. Realize that, just as Hell has fought every other move of God’s Spirit, he will fight this one too.  Do not be surprised when brothers and sister you trust turn very ugly when sacred cows at stake. Remain focused on what God is doing.  Help those who wish to hear the truth with patience, love, and compassion.  Refuse to waste time with those who do not. If you sense that people are unreachable ignore, circumvent, and leave them in the wilderness.


Recognize whom you are speaking with


Thirdly, do not argue with the Devil. Part of the problem in dealing with people who are under demonic influence is the sheer number of them. Demons come in the form of “seeking answers” and ask to be shown the reasons why we believe.  However, the spirits within them  have no intention of honestly evaluating what we say.  They are not open-minded.  Therefore, this is a delay tactic of the Devil.  The cumulative effect of trying to convert the unwilling, is to divert our attention and resources from people who will hear. We must learn to know the difference between true and false seekers.  The way to avoid this sort of  time wastage is to simply ask God really wants to know the truth.  If God says that they are not sincere, just quit talking, turn around, and walk away. Just hand up on the Devil.  Problem solved.


Be led by the Spirit


Fourthly, the Holy Spirit is our strength.  We are essentially dealing with a pseudo- Christianity which has a form of godliness but denies the power thereof.  When people you meet resist His Spirit realize that they do not have His Spirit.  Take advantage of the riches of the wisdom of God’s Spirit and just do as He commands.  Let God speak.  The natural man will never be able to overcome the Spirit and,  If we hide ourselves the shadow of the Almighty, we shall prevail.


You are not alone


My heart towards you, those who are starting to experience Tabernacles, is that you realize others have gone before you.  The fires may be hot but the son of man walks with you in the furnace of your affliction.  Hold fast to God and refuse to bow to the image that the world has made.  Know the truth by the Spirit and stand up for it no matter what you face and God will not forsake you.


You can’t control God’s Spirit


In conclusion, Tabernacles is coming and no one can stop it.  It is the next move of the Spirit and is, in fact, already here if you know what to look for.  Those who seek to control the Spirit will be swept away by the very God they profess to believe in.  Make no mistake about it, this is going to be a knock down drag out fight. The devil, first through Christians, and then through the world, will seek to destroy that which God is birthing. Those who stand with God will shine like the stars of heaven.  Those who stand with the beast will suffer the fate of that old serpent.  It makes little difference in the end though, for like the king of Babylon, all will one day raise their eyes and know that there is a God in heaven.