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A friendship born in the midst of war

I was talking to a long time friend the other day, looly81. We have known each other for at least 10 years now.  I met her online and we became good friends.

She is a Muslim, or at least a nominal one, and I was very surprised by her admission that since coming to Britain she has been studying Christianity.  She said that since she was living in the west she ought to know what westerners believe.  That kind of “blew me away” because I never thought she would be open minded enough to do that.

Seeking God

Curious to know what Looly81 thought about Christianity in general, I asked if she had come to any conclusions about Islam vs. Christianity.  She replied that she did not think they were that different but did not like the fact that both beliefs taught that you would go to hell if you did not serve God.  She thought that neither belief was right for her.

My first thought upon hearing her say that was, “Wow, you have been studying Christianity for five years and that is all you came up with?”

There are not many wise among us

The truth is, I care very much for Looly81 and I find it difficult to think that she has not yet come to know Jesus in the way that I know Jesus.  She is brilliant and has a good heart, though, and I hope and pray that she one day does come to know my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. She may even read this and, if she does, I hope she understands that I am simply doing my best to convey the truth to her in love.

It is written,

“I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.”

Proverbs 8:17


“And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”

Jeremiah 29:13

If you seek Me you shall find Me

God wants people to find Him. God is not hiding from those who seek His face.  In fact, all He has been doing for thousands of years is working to restore our fellowship with Him.  There is literally nothing God will not do to provide a way for us to come back into His presence. He even went so far as to ask His only begotten Son to lay down his life and bear the punishment for our sins so that we, if we repent and acknowledge Jesus as our savior, could go free.

God is a person, not a university subject

Frankly, the truth is, that if you have studied Christianity for five years and have not found God it is because you are not really looking for Him. Whatever reason you have for not finding Him yet, it is not because the truth cannot be known.

You are brilliant, no one doubts that. Yet, for all your intelligence you don’t seem to be able to understand the basics of His love. Everything about our God is known through revelation, therefore, those who approach Him from a strictly intellectual position can never really understand Him. The war and Islam has made you afraid to open up and trust anyone, especially Christ.

Jesus has sat with you through it all

God has been with you since I met you. He has sat with you when bullets were ricocheting off of buildings outside your home during the war.  Jesus, through his servant, tried to comfort you during the time when your Father was hurt.  In fact, at any time during all these years Michael would have been glad to tell you anything about Me you wanted to know.  The truth is, I was with you all that time, through him.

Saying you have studied Christianity is really not the truth of the matter.  You have studied about man’s religions as though they are all in one big basket and made up of the same thing. However, I am different because I am God and the Heavens are my throne and Earth is my footstool.  Those impostors, which say they speak for me, do not.

Take My hand

I gave My son for you in hopes that you would choose to take My invitation to repent of your sins. My Son paid the price for your sin to provide a way to be saved from the hell that you object to. Do not decide to spend eternity with the likes of Satan.  I have been with you though My servants for many years but you resist me always. The war killed many but don’t let it take your eternal soul.

It is time for you to come home and to get to know me.  I loved you even before you were born.  I have a bright and wonderful future planned for you if you will truly humble yourself and seek my face. Though I resist the proud I give grace to the humble. You have a choice to make and I hope you will choose life.


Michael in Christ

Come To The Quiet by John Michael Talbot