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last great day


(Realm of Elysia)

Simply put, Bren hadn’t seen so many people in one place in her entire life. As the procession entered the main venue, the Seraphim rode to the front , dismounted, and ascended the stairs to the stage, which rose about 40 feet above the grassy plain. The wagons full of fruit fanned out on either side of the enormous space towards the back. Crowds of excited people filled the rest of the vast parklike area.

Everyone who wore shoes (they were very optional in Dove’s realm, only used when necessary), took them off, placing them on either side of the entrance, and a small mountain of footwear grew, as more and more added their own to the pile.

How is anyone going to find their shoes again? Bren thought, as she undid her lovely sandals and placed hers far to one side of the pile.

The Lion and the Lamb

Following the throng, she noted some looked up and pointed. Above, in the white clouds, a likeness of a Lion and a Lamb, filled half the sky. People also pointed to the line of women in black conical hats, saying to each other, “cloud herders.”

The scale and pageantry of everything overwhelmed Bren. She looked around, wide-eyed, having never experienced more, than a county fair. This place is so large, my entire village could fit in with room to spare, She though to herself.


Standing with the congregation of Elysians, an otherworldly peace settled over her. It felt like Dove’s bliss, but somehow more profound and potent. The feeling, almost an invisible guidance, escorted Bren to a particular place near the center of the grassy expanse, inviting her to stand still. Raising her hands to her face, she felt they wanted to move or “slide” in certain directions and patterns before her. Bren could certainly retain control, but if she yielded to that gentle nudge, her arms, hands, and fingers moved in lovely patterns. She saw others doing likewise.

The same thing happened with where she stood. She could step to one side, but that same gentle tugging kept her standing at precisely one spot as if escorted by an unseen valet.

Looking at everyone else around her, they too, seemed to be placed at precise intervals of several paces from each other. In fact, the orderliness of it all made Bren feel choreographed by some great maestro.

Just then, trumpets sounded again from the stage. The structure, several hundred feet across to Bren’s best guess, looked much like Dove’s sanctuary, white marble columns and green everywhere. Musicians stood ready on either side, with the six sisters and Libby in the middle.

As if on cue, everyone quieted as flutes sounded. That same gentle nudging invited Brenzel to bow her head.

Dove, regal and beautiful in a lovely shimmering blue gown, came forward and bowed her head, too, saying in a crystal clear voice,

“Beloved YHWH, we are gathered to honor and worship You on this Last Great Day. We invite you, Beloved, to walk among your people as we partake of the Fruit of the Tree of Life.

Looking up, Dove and everyone said at once, “Amen.”


All turned and made their way to the rear of the amphitheater, waiting their turn as handsome men in white togas, handed each a red, aromatic fruit. As Bren came nearer, her senses heightened as she breathed in the bouquet of Life waiting in the wagons.

Something deep within, remembered. It was like coming home after so long she’d almost forgotten. Her mouth watered as she touched her lips unconsciously. Bren realized that the presence she felt must be God Himself. Body trembling, she stepped up, looking at a chiseled man who smiled at her.

Reaching, he took at large, red fruit from the wagon and handed it to her. Bren had seen an orange once in her life, and this looked very much like it except it was rose colored and larger. As she took it from him, a thrill ran up and down her body, from the crown of her head to the tip of her toes and back again, it ended up in her mid-drift. It was like getting drunk, but with complete clarity of mind.

“Thank you,” Bren said.

You’re not from around here

The man, looking intently at the young woman before him, said, observing, “You’re not from around here are you? Which realm do you hail from?”

“Eden,” Bren replied.

“I thought so,” the man said as he cocked his head slightly, raising his index finger and thumb to his chin, as if considering something very carefully.

“You must be Brenzel of Eden, then.”


“You’re Dove’s charge.” Clasping his hands on Bren’s as she held the fruit, he said, “No Edenite has partaken of the Tree of Life since the fall of mankind. I recommend a small bite at first, then wait to see what happens. God speed, Brenzel.”

A small bite, she thought to herself, I think not!

Led back to the same place by His Spirit, she stood still. Brenzel held her fruit like she saw everyone else doing.

Solemn remembrance

Dove came forward, motioning everyone to sit, saying, “Each year we come together on the Last Great Day to partake of the Tree of Life before our Lord. We do so as a solemn remembrance that he gave us life.”

Everyone, with once voice, said “Amen.”

All ate, as Bren lifted up the luscious fruit, almost the color of her lips, and bit deeply into it.

Oh my God!

Oh my God!, she thought as juice ran down either side of her mouth. This tastes incredible! Heart racing, feeling flushed, Bren chewed, feeling what could only be described as liquid life, running down her throat, flooding her belly with joy.

The fruit tasted neither sweet nor sour, but like every good taste combined in one magnificent flavor. Another, bigger bite, ecstasy! Her belly flip flopping, leaping as the fruit slid down into it again. Without knowing it, she moaned deeply as she ate, oblivious to others looking at her, wondering if she was okay.

Oh my God, Bren thought over and over, feeling that she could fly.

As Bren and everyone was finishing their fruit, Dove continued, “My fellow Elysians and visitors, I welcome you to my realm in the name of YHWH. We are pleased you have come and we are honored by your presence. The ending of this Seven Days of Wonder has special significance this year, for it is the first time that all my sisters and I have attended since this eon began. Not only that, but we are especially honored that The Librarian, the keeper of YHWH’s word, has come to our humble celebration. Please welcome Libby, as she says a few words to open the festivities.”


The Librarian, all smiles and brightness, hugged and kissed Dove as she stepped forward in a silver dress that seemed to sparkle with creation’s light. The crowd cheered as she stood, forcing her to wait a good while for everyone to quiet down.

Raising and opening her arms, she said, “Welcome, welcome, we are so very glad you all came. It is good to be with God, isn’t it?”

Everyone heartily agreed.

She began, “There comes a time in the annals of YHWH, when things change forever. Today is such a day. We begin a journey, together, towards the restoration of all things that will redeem the Seven Realms.”

And with a twinkle in her eye, she finished with, “and I have it on good authority, that everything works out in end.”

Dusk now, the Silver Seraph waved her hand and thousands of small lighted orbs rose from the ground, ascending high, and floated above the gathering, bathing the crowd in a soft white brilliance, as she said, “Let the joy begin!”