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the evening revelation

Seven Sisters

(Realm of Elysia)

At that, Libby stepped back as the whole stage slowly faded to dark. Indeed, everything around Brenzel went to pitch black, except that she could clearly see the people around her and feel the grass underneath her feet.

In the darkness a small wind instrument, like a piccolo, played softly from the right, answered by a chorus of french horns sounding to her left. Everything and everyone stood perfectly still as six faint lights, like stars, began to appear in the darkness. As stately, long notes of the horns rose, the firmament became alive with stars. String instruments swelled as Dove came forward. Behind her, raising their arms in worship and fanning their wings, her five sisters began singing softly, almost a collective sigh, which rose and fell on the sea of melody under them. Intertwined, the sisters’ voices harmonized together perfectly.

Hands and arms beginning to move by themselves, Bren’s feminine form swayed. Trusting and releasing herself to God’s Spirit, she felt as if she was being lifted up, like a ship on the sea, caressed by an invisible breeze.

The evening revelation

Dove, in a contralto voice, sang,

In ancient times, eons past, YHWH walked in his garden. In beauty’s rest, first love’s embrace, God laid down in His Garden.

The other seraphim chimed in, supporting Dove, providing background and context to her voice with beautiful, subtle harmonies.

As the music quieted then swelled again, Dove continued,

Now comes the time when all things are restored. YHWH speaks again. A new day dawns, the curse is passed, He welcomes us back to His garden.

Something akin to a harp flourished among all the strings, woodwinds, and brass. Bren not only heard the music, but felt it deep in her being in three-four time, almost a waltz. Tones resonated with her in a profound way she couldn’t pinpoint or explain. It was more than music; it felt like and act of creation.

Now the day has come, it was foretold, that we will walk in the cool of the Garden. For all those who hear, for all who obey, God restores His loved ones to His Garden.

Seven sisters will be, in the firmament of God, walking among His loved ones. United again, YHWH says, “All things are made new.” in His Garden.

Blessings and light, love and grace, is our portion in His Garden of Delights. For though love was lost, it is regained, behold beauty walks again in His garden. When hearts are one, all are healed, peace will come to all who love Him.


From there, Dove and the others joined in one voice, as angels singing among the stars. Everyone who surrounded Bren in the vast crowd swayed, hands up, faces enraptured. Time stood still, everything and everyone seemed to mesh together in a profound sea of oneness.

Weeping for joy, touched so deeply by the revelation from Dove, Bren’s heart ached for the completion of God’s work. There was no conscious thinking, just a knowing as she felt God’s sorrow and longing to be whole. Instinctively, Bren yearned to help in some way, though she did not know how.

As everything faded back to the stage, Bren opened her eyes, and there was Desere, in a light chiffon dress, smiling from ear to ear.

Moved beyond emotion, Bren exclaimed, “You came!” Bren moved closer, taking her friend’s hands as they both began swaying to the music. Releasing her last bit of self control, Brenzel’s eyes locked deeply into Des’ spirit as they began to whirl, moved by an invisible, gentle hand that guided both their bodies. Twirling together, arms raised, they bent down then up, side to side, briefly pirouetting, then back, eyes meeting again.

Divine movement

Those next to them fell in sync too, entering into the same cadence and movements. The effect slowly spread throughout the assembly of thousands of thousands, all choreographed by YHWH’s Spirit. Head lifted and back, the green fire of Des’ Spirit shot out, then fell back into her, expanding with every flare.

Bren, totally lost in the moment, began to manifest a soft, violet light, which shimmered and spun about her. Desere’s spirit fire touched her face, as Brenzel sighed, cheeks tingling, mouth open, eyes fluttering, continuing to spin about, moved by His Spirit. Her ethereal light, like a fountain, sprang up out of her, spreading over both her and Des as they danced.

The Seraphim on stage began to fall into the same swaying motion, wings outstretched, shimmering brilliant colors illuminating the night. Their spirits lifted up, ascending into the sky, higher and higher, until they became as the stars of heaven.

Feeling herself lift up too, Bren saw the dance of the Last Great Day from above. Everyone whirled and twirled about in union with God and each other, pivoting around Bren and her friend. Slowly, the whole mass broke into couples, moving around each other as if in a heavenly ball, as the violet fire poured out of Bren’s heart, expanding up and and over, covering the entire assembly.

Dancing as one

Tens of thousands of people, like a great mass of spiritual whirling dervishes, danced as one, rotating slowly around the center.

From above, Bren marveled, That’s the same pattern as the flowers in Fabulous’ garden!

Rising higher and higher into the night, until the whole festival looked like a jewel in the darkness, Brenzel felt truly free. Neither afraid nor surprised, everything about her felt perfectly right. She sensed Dove and her sisters meshing with her in an overwhelming completeness, welcoming her into their embrace.

Above the dancing crowd, lights shimmered in the night sky, blue, orange, yellow, green, indigo, violet, and a new, unique seventh color: A bright, softer violet that spilled over far into the invisible spectrum; an ultraviolet. Together they all played and danced in the sky above the Last Great Day, seven sisters, the jewels of heaven.

Whaitiri said, “She’s lovely, isn’t she.”

Cooing, Dove replied, “She’s… magnificent.”