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The blue Serpah

(Realm of Elysia)

High above Dove’s Sanctuary on the Sides of the North, feathers drifted downwards, individually adding to the perfectly blue morning as each disintegrated, shimmering. On each creation, like this one, the color of it’s apex Seraph lightly colored the sky as their feathers fell and burst into shimmering fragments. Few knew that originally, Eden’s skies had been a light pink, but after the great rebellion had changed to a fair blue.

Below, Bren lay awake as sun filtered into her room, the same place she’d awoken months before, only this time, she knew the angels on the mural above her were actually the six sisters, YHWH’s guardians of the seven realms. Each, unlike angels, had six wings, denoting their position and power as the covering cherubs of His creations. Dove, the greatest of them all, covered both Elysia and, for the time being, Eden.


From the moment Dove left her on the restored beach, she knew deep down inside it was time for her to leave. Bren felt mixed emotions for, though she loved this fair land and her friends, it wasn’t her creation and a large part of her longed to be on Earth again.

She’d not seen Traveler since departing with James, the Hat Master. James had clearly been exasperated and angry with her and, she admitted to herself, with good cause. She only hoped that Joshua didn’t feel the same. It was a small fear though, because Brenzel couldn’t imagine her benefactor as ever being cross or unkind to anyone.

Swinging her legs out over the bed, onto the warm stone of the Sanctuary, Bren thought, I’m at peace, it’s time.

A time to leave

Later, after breakfast, Grace, Felicity, Robyn, Manu, and Hope came running in, jumping on her bed. They all hugged her in turn as she held each one them lovingly saying, “I’m going to miss you all so much! I don’t know what I would have done without you. I love each and every one of you. How will I manage with your pastries Grace? Manu, your hugs and snuggles, where can I get anything like that? Robyn, you always know so much and are so wise, I’ve never worried when you are with me. Felicity, you are so fun, so full of joy, you make me smile. Hope, you are in my heart forever.”

As Hope withdrew, Bren’s soft chiffon dress changed into leather and straps, complete with two odd looking guns, one at each hip. Looking at her outfit, feeling the handles of the gun, the young hunter looked up, commenting, “I see it’s time to go.”

Grace stepped forward and handed Bren the pouch with the dream catcher Guanyin had given her, saying, “She asked me to make sure you had this.” Finding a suitable place to stow it, Bren said thanks as she kissed her. Manu, smiling stepped forward and handed her a blue feather, kissing her, too.

Stepping back, they all said with one voice, “I love you forever, Brenzel of Eden, I am so proud of you!”

Putting the feather in her hat, she said, “I love you too!” blew them a kiss, then disappeared.


The next morning, Dove reclined alone on the terrace of her Sanctuary, soaking in some morning sunbeams, when she noticed her personal servant approaching. The woman, her wings kept neatly behind her back, inquired, “What do you want me to do with these, your Majesty?” Looking at the pile of dresses in her arms, the Elder Seraph replied, “Hmm, I don’t really know. Mine won’t fit anyone in Elysia and all the sprites’ will be too small.”

Feeling the fabric of one of Brenzel’s dresses, she decided, “Fabulous will create others for us when she returns, but Bren may want these. I suppose, for now, just store them for her.”

The woman bowed saying, “As you wish, your majesty.”

Laying back again as the rays caressed her skin, blue runes glowing faintly, Dove wondered to herself, Is this is how it feels to have a daughter?

Refusing to budge

A few days later, Rundsey poked his head out the burrow for a few seconds, then went back. A few minutes later, he looked again, then returned. His wife, resting with his two young pups, looked at him as he went up and down the burrow, returning again and again, a worried look on his furry face. His wife, feeling his anxiety, gently nudged him again. The truth was that she and her youngins were hungry, she needed food, so her mate had to forage.

Refusing to budge for a moment, he took a deep breath and made his way out of the opening leaving the seclusion of his Burro as his two older pups watched. Everywhere, as far as he could see from the door to his home, there were Rundseys. Hundreds, no, thousands, of them. So many, in fact, that the the only thing preventing him from becoming lost in a veritable sea of Rundseys were the tall trees behind them. As politely as possible, he walked through the crowd as the other Rundseys parted.

Too many!

Exasperated, he thought to himself as his eye twitched…too many…too many. Worse than that, every day he was having to venture further and further away from his home to find food, as his uninvited aunts, uncles, cousins, and other more distant relatives ate everything in sight. Today, it was worse than yesterday, and yesterday was worse than last week. Not being able to see anything but an ocean of brown, Rundsey mounted a small rock outcropping jutting out of the hill by his burrow, just to see where any green was left.

The wind ruffled up in his fur as he did. Below, all the other Rundseys gathered, jockeying for position. Then, in unison, they all began to chirp. Chirp, Chirp, Chirp! the sound of their voices rang through the forest and down the mountain. Roughly translated, it meant White hair! White hair! White hair!

In the darkness of their burrow, his wife had not noticed, preoccupied with her new pups. Though the other Rundseys saw him as he moved among them, no one, out of respect, said anything. Yet, upon that rock, as his fellow Rundseys chirped as one, it all made sense to him. Looking down, he saw that his brown fur had changed into white hair ringing round his neck, therefore he finally understood what all the commotion was about. He was the first white hair in a hundred generations.

I hope the people don’t hear

Dove, sensing something, made her way to the terrace where Thandeka listened intently. Spear in hand, her runes glowing bright yellow, she looked grim.

Dove said, “What is it…?”

As Thandeka listened, it grew louder and louder as Rundseys from all over the hills joined in. “It’s Rundseys, ten of thousands of them,” she said.

“Oh no,” Dove said, as her blue runes began to glow brightly, too, “I hope the people don’t hear it.”

“I doubt it,” the big warrior Seraph said, “the sounds are too faint for most ears.”

“We should tell the others quickly.”


Taking Dove’s hand gently, Thandeka looked at the Blue Seraph, saying, “You know what this means.”

Dove nodded, saying softly, “War is coming.”