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This is such a nice place

It was late in the day as they walked in the beautiful City of Fey, and Derek felt Fallon’s small hand in his as she skipped around while he walked, smiling broadly. He felt free, peaceful, happy. Stopping by a large, flat bed of low flowers, he invited her down with him, laying back with his hands behind his head, gazing up at the pale orange, cloudless sky above. Looking over at Fallon sitting beside him, he watched her pick a blue flower, then felt her draw its soft pedals across his lips as she giggled. This is such a nice place, he thought. Perhaps I’ll set up a smithy shop – make useful things again.

All his friends were so nice, too, stopping by in his mind, saying hi whenever they felt like it, making him feel respected, treated as an equal. He’d build a nice little house for Fallon, have a family. What a wonderful world this is, he thought. Who could want anything more than Fey?

Later, after the suns began to set, he sat with Fallon at a shop, eating. “Fallon, I’ve been thinking, why don’t you join Fey, too? Then we can be together forever.” He looked at the beautiful girl opposite him, eating some soup, daintily. He used to feel that he wasn’t good enough for her, like she was a princess and he a lowly scout, but since joining with Fey, it seemed like it might work…if he was lucky.

What’s wrong?

Sensing her hesitation, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Big hazel eyes looked at him and said, “I like you an awful lot Derek, I admire you tons. You’re more man than I ever seen, except, well, for Pa. I just don’t know about this idea of joining anything called Fey. We’re not from here and I want to go back home, I don’t want to stay here forever. Besides, I thought we had enough just between us. Why do we need Fey, when I just want to be with you?” She paused, stirring her soup slowly. “Plus, something strange is going on here.” Brows furrowed, she shook her head slightly, then finished with, “Somethin’ ain’t right. You’re even talkin’ funny these days, like you’re not yourself. Derek, I’m worried.”

Taken aback, not having expected her answer and hearing the genuine concern in her voice, Derek replied, “I’s talks likes that because I know’d no better. I suppose it reminded me of being with Mamma, of the good old days when life seemed worth livin’.” Then, shifting his weight on the chair, leaning back and crossing his knee over one leg he said, “I don’t think about Mamma so much anymore, like I don’t have to. With Fey, I feel complete, like I have all I need right here, so talking proper feels…right.”

Derek saw Fallon bite her lip softly, as if trying to figure out if his words made good sense. He’d been honest, direct, didn’t beat around the bush. Maybe she wasn’t as positive towards the idea of Fey as he was. No matter, there was time, no one was going anywhere anytime soon, he was sure of it.

May we sit with you?

As the two sat in silence, two Fey women walked over, asking, “May we sit with you?”

“Sure! Please do!” Derek said. “This is Fallon, my…uh…my good friend.” Both women were tall and curvaceous, one a strawberry blond and the other with long hair and dark features. They sat on opposite sides of the big man. Both politely acknowledged Fallon, then turned their attention back to Derek, chatting and laughing coyly as they did.

Out of the corner of his eye, Derek saw Fallon sitting quietly, observing.

“Please, may we feel your ears?” One said out loud as the other smiled and nodded.

“We’ve never seen such handsome round ears as yours before.”

Derek, flattered, said, “Yes, of course.”

The dark haired one lifted her slender fingers to the top of his left lobe, caressing the round part gently, as the other did the same on her side. “They’re so soft and full,” one said, letting her fingers wander down to the bottom, leaning in until he felt her warm breath mere inches from him.

Cooing, the dark woman gently kissed his ear and began sucking. Derek definitely felt a tingling and a rise below. He leaned back as if basking in the sun of their attention, as the ladies loved on him, making him feel every inch of the man he was.

Hearing sniffles from across the table, Derek sat back up and looked over towards Fallon, who was on the verge of tears, hand over her mouth, hurt in her eyes.

“Fallon, you okay?” he asked, sensing her pain.

Between fighting back her tears, chest heaving slightly as she stood, she said in a devastated voice, “You go on, Derek, I knew I wasn’t good enough for you, you’ll be happier with these Fey ladies anyway.”

The big man, a tug of war going on in his heart, reached out and said, “Fallon, wait…I….I….” his voice trailed off as she disappeared around a building.

What was that?

“Why’s she do’s that?” Derek asked rhetorically, feeling irritated. “I didn’t do nothin’ wrong, why’d she run off like’s that?”

Looking confused, too, the strawberry blond said, “We were just being friendly,” laying her hand on his pants, which were still bulging. Her other, darker haired friend looked down with approval between the big man’s legs.

Derek, angry now, removed her hand from his man parts.

“Why not?” she said, perplexed, “We’re Fey.”

“My friends feelin’s hurt, I’s don’t know’s why, but I haves to go find her.”

“Fey doesn’t want you to do that.” The dark hair woman stated.

“Fallon needs me,” Derek half protested, the urgency of finding his young friend deflating like a balloon losing its air.

Another thing comin’

Torn inside, Derek heard someone say, I know all this is new for you, but go with my friends and rest awhile, we’ll all go swimming after you get up.

The voice inside felt like a warm blanket in a soft bed on a cold day. He knew he should follow after Fallon, but a few more minutes wouldn’t hurt anyone. Besides, he loved to swim.

Sighing, Derek felt the pain and anger fade from his heart. Everything will be alright, he thought, Fallon wasn’t Fey yet, but in time she would be, and then she’d understand. Everything will work out just fine.

The two women, points of their ears poking out of their hair, each took one of Derek’s arms, leading him up the street, talking and chatting in his mind as they went.

Yup, he thought, it’s a wonderful world.

What A Wonderful World – by Nacho DiMartino Swing