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Nothing as it seems

3 paced back and forth outside Dove’s sanctuary in Elysia. The singing birds in the trees, the warm breeze, fragrances from the flowers in her garden did nothing to calm his nerves. For days, fingers flew over his abacus, calculating every possible permutation of the new equation. For the first time, ever, he’d reached the outer limits of his abilities, pushing the numbers until they almost cried for mercy under his relentless mind.

“Is nothing about Brenzel as it seems?” He said out loud in frustration, knowing once again, he’d have to explain why he played catch up to the truth. Dove, normally placid as a deep lake on a calm day, still walked among the stones of fire.


He looked up to see Dove’s servant.

“She will see you now.”

How would it look to be wrong again? A mathematical seer is supposed to be precise, knowing the future through calculations, advising their Seraph competently, not…guessing.


“Yes, I am sorry. I am coming.”


The stone walls and tall pillars loomed, taking on another meaning this afternoon as he walked toward the massive doors of her chamber. All this was Dove, every stone and column a mental projection of herself onto Elysian reality, a simple afterthought of a powerful sprite of the Most High that sometimes chose to interface with this creation in a manner simple enough for her subjects to understand. Walking with God in His eternal garden, Seraphim are beyond comprehension, knowing YHWH in ways impossible for physical minds to plumb. As he neared the entrance of her chamber, 3 knew that everything around him was no more than a shadow of a shadow of a shadow of what Dove really was.

The doors opened by themselves. 3 sighed. Walking inside, he presented himself.

“Greetings, my seer,” Dove said sweetly, “what brings you to my Sanctuary? I did not call you, is there a concern?”

Does she know already? 3 wondered. “Um…Thank you for seeing me on such short notice, your Majesty, I apologize for the inconvenience.” 3 noted Dove’s steel blue eyes measuring him as she sat on her throne.

“I must admit,” she said slowly, “I have no idea why you’re here. Does it have anything to do with our young seraph, Brenzel?”

“Yes, Your Majesty, it does.”

What now?

The feeling that washed over 3, if it were to be put in human terms, felt like a mild exasperation and a “what now.” However, Dove gave no indication of her emotion, but said, “Speak what is on your mind, my seer.”

3 wondered, I don’t think a Seraph has ever knowingly harmed an angel. hopefully, she won’t might break with tradition.

“It has to do with Abel’s prophesy, Your Majesty. I think that we still have it wrong.”

The surroundings visibly moved outward, then moved back as 3 felt a wave of power emanate from the Blue Seraph.

“Pray, do tell. You have my attention.”

3 cleared his throat. “We first thought that the prophecy spoke of a Edenic Seraph who would be born to challenge and overcome the Red Seraph. This was the interpretation everyone believed since it was spoken by the Abel shortly before his death. Recently, though, as we located another seraph, named Wichapi, we modified our understanding to be there are two Edenic Seraphs born and they’re outcome is unsure, meaning that we do not know if they will choose good or evil yet. They may join to defeat the Red Seraph or join to help her.

Dove shifted herself on her throne, leaning forward. 3 resisted the impulse to step back.


“From my calculations – and I have checked them thoroughly this time – it seems that a further refinement of our understanding of who Brenzel and Wichapi are may be necessary.”

The last quatrain of the prophecy is:

A Seraph in season, in time shall recur.

From one shall be two as seen in a mirror

Dove said nothing.

Realizing she wasn’t going to speak, 3 continued, “Your Majesty, Brenzel and Wichapi are not separate Seraphs, they are one being, split into two bodies.”

Bracing himself, 3 held his breath.

Dove made no indication that she’d even registered what he had just said other than the blue streaks in her hair that began glowing brightly.

Just breathe

Exhale, 3 thought, just breathe.

Finally, Dove leaned back in her throne, putting her fingers together. “And you are certain of this?”

“I swear on all of my humble abilities, as far as my powers allow, it is true. They are one Seraph, split between two earthly bodies, born in different times – yet one entity.”

Another wave of power pushed out from Dove, making 3 strain to remain upright.

A look of realization came over Dove’s features, as she muttered, “Black and white,” looking down at her fingers. “Black and White.” Seeming to know there was more, she said, “What else?”

3 took a deep breath and stood straighter. “To complicate matters, Your Majesty, neither one of them knows. Though they feel a kinship, a union, they have not the least idea they are the same person. I researched this on Eden and spoken to healers, and found that it does happen sometimes. In earth terms, they call it ‘multiple personalities’. It sometimes happens to Edenites who go through severe trauma. In order to shield their minds from intense pain, they unconsciously split themselves into another person, so they don’t have to face it, each part being unaware of what the other is doing.” He paused. “Although usually this manifestation takes place in one body, not two.”

Dove’s fingers slid together, locked, then moved and rubbed each other. She sighed.

3 looked down at the floor, not daring to meet her gaze, which he felt burning upon him.

“I am truly shocked.” Dove said after some time. “I wonder why I am thus?”

Tell no one of this

“Have you told anyone else?” She asked, eyes intent upon him.

“No, Your Majesty, I came to you first.”

“Do you have any recommendation?” the Blue Seraph asked.

3 thought a moment then shook his head. “Your Majesty, the complexity of the matter is now beyond my mathematics. I wondered why I kept erring in my calculations, but now it is plain that we are dealing with a situation beyond knowing. It is a new thing, Whatever Brenzel and Wichapi are – is, or will be – they are a completely new form of Seraphim, a new creation. Everything we thought we knew about them, based on what we have known before, may prove irrelevant.” Eyeing Dove to gauge her reaction, he continued.

“On earth, some healers say that such cases can resolve if their patient chooses reintegration into a single personality, though I do not know if this is possible with Brenzel and Wichapi. . . .I am sorry.” 3 concluded, knowing there was nothing else he could say.

Dove’s features softened as she said. “I find no fault in you, 3. You have always served me well and your words, though difficult to hear, ring true.”” The Blue Seraph leaned forward, resting her arms on her lap. “Tell no one of this. I am not sure how my sisters or those that serve them may react to such news.” She mused, “I don’t even know what to call her now. She looked at 3. “Go in peace, 3, if anything else presents itself, notify me immediately.”

You are merciful, your Majesty

Bowing, body relaxing, 3 said, “You are merciful Your Majesty.”

Walking out as quickly as he dared, 3 felt drained, tired for the first time in ages. Dove received the revelation better than expected, though it did take her by surprise. That is certainly new.

Outside the Blue Seraph’s sanctuary, 3 thought back to what the healers on earth, in any age, had told him about such rare cases. It could be done, but rarely successfully. He had concluded, after exhaustive study, that the only one who could make her whole was already working with her. It only remained to be seen if he would and, more importantly, if she would let him.

The feeling of not know, felt strange. For the first time in his long existence, he had no clear idea of the future, of what was coming or what to do next. The future seemed unwritten in all the realms and Eden all because of two humans named Brenzel and Wichapi.

Lifting off into the blue sky with a powerful beat of his wings, 3 headed towards where he knew Michael was, realizing, “I need some grapes.”

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