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“3 was injured,” Dove said, “But he is okay. Brenzel healed him.”

Hatty felt her heart racing, looking at the big Seraph. “You’re sure he’s alright? Can I see him? Please, your Majesty, I miss him so much.”

Smiling, Dove said, “I know you miss your mate, Hatshepsut, I can feel your heart longing for him more and more every day. He is here now, but I must speak with him first. After that, he will come to you. Wait in my garden.”

Emotion overwhelmed her. Finally, after these long weeks, she’d feel his strong arms around her again, listen to his heart beating as he held her. She was definitely beginning to show now, her belly getting bigger. Hatty thought that she might have felt a slight kick yesterday, but wasn’t sure.

She knew that 3 had a job to do, but honestly, in her heart of hearts, she just wanted him to stay put with her for once, dote on her, hold her hand through everything. She just wanted to be selfish and keep him all to herself.

The girls, as she called them, tried to keep her company and busy. Robyn, Grace, Hope, Manu and Felicity were darlings that made her smile a lot with conversations, antics, and practical jokes. They were fascinated by her tummy, caressing it all the time, asking her how it felt to be with child. They talked about everything, past, present, and future. Sometimes, when she was tired, she had to ask them to let her rest and they, pouting, would reluctantly agree.

Sometimes she’d cry, for no reason, other than missing him.

As the days turned into weeks, Hatty chaffed at being taken to Elysia. Dove’s sanctuary was magnificent, of course, better than any palace she’d lived in, but it was so far away from the love of her life.

As Dove turned to leave, Hatty forgot propriety and came forward and hugged her tightly, her head only coming up to Dove’s middle.

Taken by surprise, Dove put her arms around Hatty, too, holding her close. “Don’t worry, Hatshepsut,” she said, “all will be well.”


3 fidgeted as he stood before Dove. He could almost see her mind racing as she thought about what he had reported, sitting still on her throne, placid as a lake with no wind.

Then she said, “So, you’re completely healed from the wound of the Dark Tech? No ill effects at all?”

“I am completely whole. Your Majesty.”

“Her powers have grown considerably,” Dove commented.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Looking intently at him, Dove said, “You are troubled my seer. Please, speak freely.”

3 averted his eyes for a moment, as if what he was going to say would be difficult. “She lied to me.”

“Intentionally?” Dove exclaimed, surprise registering in all her features, especially her eyes.

“I believe so. I don’t feel she was being honest about what happened with the dragon attack, about why it suddenly left.” 3 took a deep breath before he continued. “While I believe her when she says it was not her controlling it, she wasn’t being completely forthright with me about what happened. I sensed…deception.”

Dove looked over at the blue irises standing tall in the corner (***where were they placed?) Pursing her lips, she furrowed her eyebrows, “My sisters and I have been unable to locate Wichapi in time or space. Though she has not chosen yet, her bent toward evil limits our ability to see her. We think she moves often, but her precise location impossible to pinpoint. Therefore,” she paused, leaning back, tapping the tips of her fingers together, “she could be anywhere in the six realms …or Eden.

“Do you believe Wichapi is on Hala, 3?” Dove asked, now looking directly at him.

3 felt his face tighten. “Though it would be a guess, Your Majesty, the way the dragon circled our ship, yet didn’t attack, makes it highly probable.”

Dove nodded in agreement, then stood and walked down the steps in front of her throne, coming to where 3 stood. She put her hand on his shoulder and looked down into his eyes. “You have done well, 3. Now, go to your love.”


3 walked briskly out of the meeting hall and down toward the lower part of Dove’s sanctuary. Dove said Hatty would be waiting in the garden. As he came through the gate, he saw her sitting on a bench, hair now long and shining. She was radiant. He ran.

He felt her body melt into his, her mouth open and inviting, her joy and relief present in every passionate kiss. Her bigger belly pressed up against his as if greeting him with their son-to-be.

“I’ve missed you,” he said, looking in her eyes.

“Oh, 3, I missed you so much, too,” Hatty said, eyes tearing up. “Every day it just got worse until I could hardly bear it. I’m so glad you’re here now. I need you.” She pulled herself into his chest again.

Then turning, she took his hand, “Come, I want to show you where I’m staying.”


He put his arm around her as they walked down the path, between the profusion of blooms, to a new part of Dove’s sanctuary that he’d never seen before. It wasn’t too large, but not small, either. Made of the same living stones as everything else, the door into it was gold and silver inlaid with precious stones that formed pictures of multiple cherubim playing with each other and flying here and there, while seraphim watched from above.

Hatty pushed the doors open and they both entered her abode. Inside, to his surprise, it was like stepping back into Egypt, minus the idols, of course. The furniture was like the pieces in her palace in Karnak with curtains of the finest linen, the colors matching those of her country.

“Isn’t it wonderful?” Hatty asked, turning to embrace him again. “I feel like I’m back home!” Taking his hand she pulled him saying, “Come, I want to show you something else, too.”

Allowing himself to be led, she brought him into her bedroom. He smiled ear to ear as he saw it. There, by the stained glass window was a magnificent crib, decked out with frills and blankets, bows and ribbons; the crib itself a carved masterpiece depicting more cherubim, sleeping.

Beaming, Hatty asked, “Isn’t it lovely? Dove and Libby made it for our baby. It was a personal gift from them.”

Running his fingers over the lace, he admired the exquisite workmanship with her, noting all the love and attention to detail that went into making it.

“It’s amazing Hatty, simply amazing.” You have heaven’s full attention, my love, 3 thought.

“Come to bed dear, I want you…”

She didn’t have to ask twice.

A New Day Has Come by Celine Dion