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Time is a friend

Time is a wonderful thing, it is my friend, not my enemy. Dove sat in her garden, eyes fixed on a flower, watching it grow. She reached up, feeling life infuse the petals as they emerged from the bud in all their brilliance, so soft to her touch, as if to greet her with a smile of new life. Then, as quickly as they graced the world, they faded and fell, becoming one with the soil.

She rose up into the heavens, her fingers fading from the now barren bud that had become a waiting seed. Flying higher and higher, she spread out like a flock of starlings among the stars. Reaching out beyond her realm she called to the deep in her sisters until, one by one, they answered, merging with her in mind.

Have you felt Brenzel? she thought, mind drifting like a fragrance.

Yes, we have, came the collective response.

“I don’t like not being able to see her, she is fading into darkness,” Whaitiri said, standing on a white beach in Aukum, wings wide and fluttering in the warm breeze.

“Agreed,” intoned Thandeka from her throne in Zulu.

Alethea’s thoughts came to her sisters, showing all Brenzel’s deeds, arguing for patience and restraint in the face of everything. She reassured them that their young seraph had done well thus far in her mission on Hala.

Her powerful mind opening her thoughts, Guanyin said, You have not told us all, Blue Seraph.

Dove sat on a bench that formed beneath her, her form shimmering in the azure sunset of a distant world. She sighed.

Something new in His garden

“No, I have not, my sisters. Brenzel of Eden is something completely new in His Garden,” Dove spoke aloud, “something that has never been seen before. She is a new type of seraph. I did not see it at first, but my mathematical seer guessed the truth.” She paused, gaining strength. “Brenzel and Wichapi are one seraph, not two, as we supposed.”

A collective realization rippled through the continuum as Dove’s sisters assimilated the truth of her words.

Only Guanyin remained unmoved.

Dove continued, “Whatever she is, she was born in two different times, in two different bodies, in two different places, yet the two are one Seraph of Eden.”

Coatlicue, normally silent in the presence of her older sisters, shared, “The prophecy is about Brenzel, then.”

“Perhaps. Or perhaps both of them,” Dove replied.

“She cannot be allowed to live,” Thandeka stated plainly, “this has gone far enough. We all know what Wichapi is and that war is coming.”

“That’s the point, Sister of Zulu,” Dove stated, “we do not know what she is, for she has never been. She is a new thing, and they are both one in a way even we do not clearly understand.”

“There is good in her,” Alethea assured, “I have seen it. Brenzel has a kind heart and is full of compassion. She could have killed Fey, but she embraced her instead.”

“Yes, but now, with the shadow of Wichapi upon her, we can no longer see clearly,” Guanyin said, “we have all felt the ripples in time, that is why you called us, is it not, Dove?”

Launching from her temporary bench on the other world beach, Dove flew into the night sky against the background of brilliant stars, great wings rolling over and gliding on the fading thermals of the day. “Yes, we must act,” she said, “but the Principle of Free Will cannot be broken. Neither of them has chosen fully.”

“Together, they may be more powerful than Beauty ever was,” Guanyin said. “If they choose evil together, the last may be worse than the beginning.”

“We must tell Joshua,” Coatlicue said.

Yes, we must tell Joshua, all agreed.


Dove poured tea in blue cups as she sat, apprehensive, together with Thandeka in the dawn of Elysia. Whaitiri, Coatlicue, and Alethea sat on the divan across from them, as Guanyin stood, wings out, shimmering in the light as they waited. No one spoke, other than polite thank you’s as Dove handed them their teacups and saucers.

The door to the room opened, and they all turned to see Joshua walk in, followed by some of Dove’s attendants, who announced him.

Greeting each of the seraphs individually, he put his hand on Coatlicue’s shoulder as she made room for him on the divan.

He did not smile, but got right to the business at hand. Looking at all their faces, one by one, he said, “I have known what you are about to tell me for some time. In fact, I knew from the time I spoke to Brenzel while she was yet with Wichapi in Lakota.”

Different colored eyes registered surprise in various ways as they took in his revelation.

“I thought I was the first to learn,” Dove exclaimed, feeling better about her failure to mention 3’s revelation.

“But how?” Guanyin asked, “I was there, and I did not perceive they were one.”

Leaning back, resting against the cushions, Joshua explained, “It was when I spoke to Brenzel by the river, and I heard the way she talked about her friend. It was more than friendship, even more than sisterhood. It was a perfect union of two souls. Deep, spiritual, and complete. We sent Brenzel there to connect with Wichapi, but we did not – could not anticipate it’s depth. I was unsure what to do about it myself, but I knew that their union must be part of the prophecy. I had to think on it, let it play out, see it progress, give it…time.”

“Joshua,” Thandeka said, eyes down, “you know this cannot stand. The consequences……another war and the loss of life will be too much for my heart to bear.”

Joshua stood and moved over to the ebony seraph sat. Putting his hand to her cheek softly, he said, “It will not come to that. Have faith, dear one.”

She looked up, eyes worried and moist, nodding.

Kissing her forehead, he turned to the rest. “We have the tail of the whirlwind in our hands now, and there is no turning back. For better or for worse, we must see this through together. I believe in Brenzel even though I too realize what Wichapi is. However, there cannot be one without the other. This is a time of great peril for the Six Realms and Eden, but it is also our opportunity to finally bring about a lasting peace.”

Seeing his confidence seemed to sooth Thandeka’s heart, as well as all the others. Dove felt his strength become their strength as they all stood, linking hands and minds, in one purpose, one hope.

“Are we together then?” he asked.

“Yes,” they all said at once, “for eternity.”

Inon Zur