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In the morning a single sunbeam, the second sun, shone through drapes, slowly making it’s way down from the wall, across the bedside table, warming Brenzel’s lips until she woke. Stretching, making an odd squealing sound, she felt light, unburdened. She put her hand up, playing with the sunbeam, and a smile came over her, anticipating the new day.

Getting up, she went to the window, drawing back the curtains, revealing the City of Fey. From her view, the city swept up the mountain with different types of structures, many with terraces on top. The street adjacent her room was smooth and gradually sloped up, too. People walked below, in small groups and alone, all silent as monks in an abbey. Men and women all wore similar clothes to those given her yesterday. They seemed happy, content as they went about their day. It’s so nice, no one here cares about clothes.

Small sacrifices must be made

“Good morning, Fallon,” Brenzel said as she walked into the main room. Sometime during the night, someone must have cleared and cleaned their table, for a fresh breakfast spread lay inviting.

“I’ve never seen so much food!” she heard Fallon say between bites.

Picking up a pastry, Brenzel inquired, “Derek still sleeping?”

“Yeah, he barely moved last night.”

Noticing her smile, Bren asked, “You finally slept together?”

Fallon looked up, cheeks blushing. “No! not like that!”

“Oh,” Bren said, grinning “why not?”

“Well, I don’t know. I suppose we could, I do feel like his woman. I’m kind of skinny though,” she raised her arms, showing her thinness.

“It’s not that, hon, he’s just a gentleman, that’s all.”

“He is, very much,” Fallon agreed. “But… I wouldn’t mind being his woman.”

Nodding, Brenzel sat, taking a plate, filling it with different items.

“Well, sweetheart, sometimes menfolk need encouragement that way.”

“You’ll help me?” Fallon looking hopeful.

“Of course, I know a thing or two about men. First off, have a couple more pastries, then we’ll braid your hair today.”

“But I’ve already had two!” Fallon protested.

“Hon, if you’re serious about pleasing Derek, you’ll have to make small sacrifices,” she said as she shoved the plate loaded with glazed delicacies towards her.

A day in Fey

Very late, Bren, Fallon, and Derek emerged from their lodging place. No one had come in the morning, so finally Brenzel suggested they go and explore the city. Dressing in the manner of Fey, for those clothes had been left, exact sizes too, it seemed appropriate. They walked out onto the stone way in sandals. Brenzel glanced up at the double suns, dancing in the heavens like lovers, the bigger leading the smaller. It took some getting used to, for the first came up weak and the second, much stronger, took over lighting the day fully. However, during what would be noon on earth, their light dimmed slightly for about an hour, before resuming the rest of their dance.

A tall woman approached, smiling. “Welcome to Fey,” then with her hand, repeated the customary greeting to each one of them.

Brenzel said, “Thank you, and thank you for the food, clothes and lodging.”

Bowing her head slightly, the woman inquired, “Would you like a tour of our city?”

Brenzel saw Fallon staring at the woman’s ears, then touch her own.

“What is your name?” the woman directed her question towards the inquisitive girl. As she stepped close, Brenzel saw their host reach over and feel Fallon’s rounded ears. “They’re very beautiful, would you like to touch mine?”

Looking at Derek, who nodded, Fallon said, “Yes, please if it is okay…I’ve just never seen the like before.”

The woman bent over, pulling her long, wavy hair to one side, and Fallon’s finger met her skin. First she felt the rounded bottom, then drifted upwards towards the point. “You’re beautiful,” she said, withdrawing her hand in wonder.

Derek smiled, “I think they’re beautiful, too. They suit you very well.”

Brenzel looked up at Derek, puzzled, where are the s’s?

Tour guide

“Come with me, I will show you our home.”

“What’s your name?. . .If you don’t mind,” Brenzel asked.

Smiling, the woman answered, “We don’t use our given names here; there is no need among us.” Noting the perplexed look on Bren’s face, she explained. “We are simply Fey. that is enough.”

“Okay,” Brenzel said, not really understanding her explanation as they began their tour.

Walking about, their new friend showed them the market, the extensive gardens where their fresh breakfast originated from, and some of the waterfalls and aqueducts that ran through the city. Brenzel ventured to say, in her mind, It’s okay if you talk to me in my mind.

As the woman continued her tour, she kept talking with Derek and Fallon, answering their many questions, and at the same time came the reply between Brenzel’s ears, If you don’t mind, I prefer it. Brenzel sensed how much of a strain talking out loud was on their new friend. Fey enquried, Do you mind talk often? I did not know Edenites did that.

No, most of us don’t, I just seem to have a knack for it.

Lovely, she said, her mind embracing Brenzel’s like a warm hug.

The union of Fey

Coming to a large rounded space mid city, an amphitheater with circular steps rising in successive concentric rings outward from the middle, their friend explained that this was the place of sacred union, where new members become one with Fey. “There will be an initiation next week if you’d like to attend.”

Fallon said of course, while Derek answered, “That would be very nice.”

Brenzel felt their lady friend present in her mind, like a guest sitting on a chair in her home, polite, ready for a nice chat. She also felt that she sat in their friend’s home, but her house was expansive, like a palace, with many rooms, too many to count.

You may explore if you like, came the words to Brenzel’s head, soft, reassuring. She felt embarrassed that their friend knew instantly she wanted to do just that. We have no secrets here, Brenzel, our minds and hearts are open to all.

A flash of fear passed through Bren as she asked, Am I open to you, too? Do you see everything?

No, my friend, you are not Fey. You would need to join with us and form the sacred union. Until then, your mind is your own.

Thank God, Brenzel thought.

The mess in my house

Suddenly feeling awkward, Brenzel bid adieu and left their guide’s consciousness. The possibility of someone knowing everything about her felt terrifying. Her own house, the inner Brenzel, was such a mess, with dishes undone, bedroom tossed, closets full of rubbish. Even she had forgotten half the things hidden in those small, dark, private spaces. If Fey knew all her secrets… No, that couldn’t happen, she couldn’t be that vulnerable even to her best friend. Their guide, not having missed a beat as she conversed with Brenzel’s companions, made no indication that they had been mind talking at all.

The four stopped for lunch at a small shop, their guide suggesting various sandwiches and entrees.

“I love this sandwich, what’s it’s ingredients?” Derek exclaimed.

The guide explained its contents in detail, though Bren did not recognize many of the ingredients.

“Marvelous, really marvelous,” Derek responded. Touching Fallon’s hand, he said, “Here, try a bite, Dear, it’s really good.” Fallon did so, making approving sounds as she chewed. Then putting his food down, he touch her hair. “You look very beautiful today, darling, your french braids are lovely.”

Smiling, almost turning away, her eyes shined.

Brenzel, measuring the exchange in front of her, resisting the urge to say something to Derek about his proper speech.

Who is Fey?

Brenzel sipped some wine as she watched people walk past, asking, “Please, I’m little confused. Fey is the name of your people or of you ruler?”


“It’s usually one or the other, Brenzel said,” confusion on her face. “could you help me understand?”

Considering for a moment, their host replied, “I understand what you asking now.” Putting her goblet down, she explained, “Fey is a person, she is our leader, the original forest walker.”

“What’s that?” Fallon piped in.

Their host explained, “Many millennia ago, after the Great War, those who fought for Hala were not only injured in body, but also in mind and spirit. Of course, our outward wounds healed in time, but those who experienced deep trauma inside still suffered torment.

“Though Dove, Elysia’s Seraph, offered to transport the wounded in heart and spirit to her realm for restoration through Rundseys – not all accepted her invitation.”

“I remember Rundseys!” Brenzel excitedly interrupted.

Smiling, the woman continued, “- many chose instead to stay on Hala, but left all civilization, seeking solace and healing in our ancient forests.”

Derek spoke up, “So that’s where the name forest walker came from.”

“Yes, it is.”


The tall lady continued with increasing gravity. “Most who became forest walkers returned in a year, maybe two, feeling cleansed and whole inside. However, some did not. It came to be called, “Getting lost in the forest.” Every few years another few would emerge.”

The lady trailed off, with a faraway, sad look settling over her eyes,

“And?” Brenzel asked.

“One, called Fey, a great hero of the resistance, did not come back for a very, very long time. After more than a 1000 years, all thought she had died. But she lived on. One day someone met her in the Ancient Forest. She had emerged – different, stronger, vibrant.

“So….you call yourself Fey because you follow her?”

“No, not precisely.”

Inside Brenzel’s mind, their guide opened up fully, showing her the breathtaking truth of it all, giving Brenzel an understanding that could not be translated into any known language, only experienced through sacred union.

“You are Fey . . .you all are.” Bren said with amazement.

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