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“You’re kidding,” Bren said to Sam, who looked pleased with himself.

“No, he’s the real McCoy, Ma’am. I overheard an intelligence officer talk about a guy named Wilhelm Von Roar, who is the head of the German Elite Military Forces. They said he has a son who went missing in action a couple of weeks ago. I just put two and two together.”

Brenzel, glancing over towards Hans’ door, said, “So, you’re saying he is really important?”

“Yes, I’m pretty sure this is the son of the Commander of Germany’s Elite Military Forces, and I’ll bet he has a ton of valuable information” Sam finished.

Uncle Sam needs you

“Wow,” Bren said, “we need to tell someone about him!”

“No, not yet” Sam replied, “I want you to cozy up to Hans and see if you can find some stuff out, then I will alert my superiors when we know for sure”.

Brenzel thought for a moment, then said, “Sam, do you think that is wise? I mean, if he’s important and all, shouldn’t we tell someone right away?”

“Just get something I can use, and I will report it and him first thing, I promise”, Sam finished.

After wrapping Hans’ leg, whose wound was looking better with each visit, Bren went to the mess tent for some lunch. Over in the corner, Doc sat talking with some soldiers. Bren sat down by herself to think, trying to decide whether or not she would spy for Sam. Something in her didn’t like the idea, but Sam seemed so excited she could hardly say no. Besides, whether or not she could get anything useful from Hans really remained to be seen.

Hello Miss Hunter

“How’s everything today Miss Hunter?” Doc said, slipping into the seat across from Bren. “Hunter” was Doc’s nickname for Bren; it seemed to please her that they knew what it meant, but no one else did.

“I’m fine”, Bren replied, studying her peas and corn intently. “Doc, I have a question,” she began.

“Shoot, I’ll answer if I can”, Doc replied, noting Bren’s contemplative mood.

Trust Your Gut

“Why do I feel so many things nowadays?” Bren began, “It’s like someone talks to me, or I get these strange feelings”.

Her mentor, with a knowing look, said, “Yes, it happens to me all the time, and it gets more intense the longer you do this. I remember being with this young seraph once, and I was feeling not to board a steam liner leaving for America. The feeling in my gut was so strong it made me sick, but my assigned seraph wouldn’t listen to me since we already had our tickets purchased. I begged her not to go, but her mind was set and I stayed behind.” Doc finished and fell silent.

Bren, waited, then when she couldn’t stand it any longer, asked, “What happened?”

Looking away, Doc said softly, “They say the ship hit an iceberg off of Newfoundland and she was lost at sea”. The small woman looked sad, then gathering herself, looked intently at Bren saying, “These feelings or instructions that happen to you are for a reason and come from a much higher realm and power.”

“You mean God, right?” Bren ventured.

“Yes, but in a way that you really don’t understand yet. Right now, all you can do is trust your gut and listen to what He says to you. Most times, Bren, you just have to trust and resist the urge to prejudge a situation.”

A Demanding Father

Hans confided the next day, “You see, Fraulein, I was not a physically strong boy and my stepfather, Herr Roar, was a very demanding man. The other boys could play roughly and excelled in sports, while I was more the studious type, and I always felt he was disappointed in me. ”

“Yes, I can understand how that would hurt, Hans,” Bren said sympathetically. “My mother died when I was young, and my grandmother raised me. I don’t know where my father went to, I just know my grandmother never spoke of him, even though he was her son.”

“You see, Fraulein, we are a lot alike. Misfortune has been our constant companion, yet here we are, still alive and breathing.” Hans finished with, “A famous man once said, ‘There will always be rocks in the road ahead of us. They will be stumbling blocks or stepping stones; it all depends on how you use them.'”

Bren motioned Sam outside the stockade as she left. “Yes, Sam, you were right, his father is this Roar fellow you spoke about. I think he is beginning to trust me more.”

Sam said, excitedly, “Wow, you’re a natural at this, though I reckon a pretty woman like you would make any man talk.”

Bren found herself blushing at Sam’s open admiration of her wit and beauty. “Thanks Sam, I’m doing my best”.


Doc’s clothes hung over the makeshift shower stall as she lathered up, washing away the day’s grime. Trying to balance on one leg as she raised her foot to get in between her toes a male voice suddenly said, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness, or so I’m told”.

Startled, Doc lost her footing and fell backward, banging against the tin wall. Getting up and throwing a towel around herself, Doc exclaimed, “Damn it, 3, you can’t just sneak up on a lady like that! What are you doing in here anyway!”

Unperturbed by her reaction, 3 simply said, “We have to talk about Brenzel”.

Doc, still furious and red-faced, sputtered, “Not in here you big lunk, now get out while I get dressed!”

Later that evening, walking under the stars, 3 began, “At Dove’s insistence, I re-ran my calculations concerning Bren.”

Wow, Doc thought, that must have been difficult. 3 never, ever liked to be second-guessed. In fact, in all the time that she had known him, he had only ever made one mistake. Using an ancient abacus, 3 was a mathematical seer, which meant that his gifting was to know the future expressed through calculations of human choice. More of a savant-like ability than a natural discipline, 3 was the only one of his kind and served at the pleasure of Dove. Hooking her arm into his, Doc said, “I’m sorry, dear, even the best of us get it wrong sometimes”.

Doc listened for a while as 3 explained the permutation and then, realizing what he was getting at, exclaimed: “Are you sure?”

3, normally nonchalant about practically everything, said with unaccustomed feeling, “Yes my love, it is a real possibility.”

“My God,” Doc said, looking astonished, “That could change everything!” Peering up at 3’s strong jawline, she asked, “What should we do now?”

Meeting her gaze gravely, he said, “Nothing. Absolutely nothing”.