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road to forgiveness

Doc kept her distance initially, trying to be supportive, yet give Bren her space, but she began to worry about her young Hunter. Brenzel, as best she could, got on with things and accepted the fact that Sam was gone. What she did not accept was her assignment to save Hans.

No! I will not” Bren stated defiantly when Doc asked her to check in on Hans.

“Armed Guards will be there and he is in shackles, he can’t hurt you,” Doc reassured her.

Glaring, Bren replied, “How can you even suggest that Doc, he killed Sam!” and suddenly coming to a realization, finished with, “and why are you not broken up about what happened to Sam, he was your assignment!”

It’s a matter of perspective

The experienced Seraph Hunter looked pained as she said, “Bren, it’s a matter of perspective.”

“Yeah, right,” Bren said sarcastically.

“No, really”, Doc continued patiently. “What you don’t really understand right now, is that there is a greater reality that is much bigger and more substantial than where we are now,” Doc began. “Say you were an ant living in the bottom of a large ravine. You grew up in the ravine, you have never been out of the ravine and those surroundings are all you’ve ever known.

Frowning with her arms crossed, Bren half-listened.

“But,” Doc motioned with her arms, outside of the ravine there is a forest filled with plants and animals you have never seen nor even imagined. Beyond that, there are wide rivers, tall mountains, and vast deserts. These all exist, but because you’re an ant, you have never seen them, and even if someone told you about them, you could scarcely believe their report.” Doc finished.

“Sam’s dead, that’s all I know,” Bren stated for the record.

“No, he’s not,” Doc said.

“What?” Bren said looking utterly shocked. “Wha…where is he?” she stuttered. “I have to see him!” Bren exclaimed.

“It’s not that simple.” Doc said, “I’ve been trying to arrange it, but I haven’t received an answer yet.”

“What do you mean? I want to see him now!” Bren said with a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

“I will know by tomorrow, and if I am allowed, I will take you to him.” Doc said as Bren jumped up and hugged her.

Highly irregular

Standing on the white cliffs of Dover, the Fortress Against the Sea, 3 said, “Yes, I know, it is hardly ever done, but you have to admit that this is a special case. Plus, it is fitting that she see the bigger picture now, don’t you think?”

Turning to look over the ocean, waves rhythmically rolling in, the other man said, “Point taken. But I don’t like making exceptions, it tends to become a habit.”

Looking over the sea with him, 3 continued, “Yes, I understand. But nothing about this whole situation is standard now, and everyone is aware that a Recurrence has taken place even if they don’t know who it is. I think we are in uncharted territory with this one.”

“It is highly irregular,” the impeccably dressed man said, “but you’re right, Bren is a special case. Go ahead, but keep me informed.”

Morning coffee

Doc entered Bren’s tent in the morning with a cup of coffee, which the young Hunter gratefully accepted. Not having slept a wink, Bren asked quickly, “Did you find out?”

Doc smiled, “The answer was yes!”

“Oh my God… yes!” Bren squealed, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” she said jumping up, almost spilling her coffee. “When do we go?” she asked wide-eyed and happy.

Finish your coffee, then we’ll leave,” Doc assured her.

“Ok, I’m done,” Bren said, slurping the last of her morning brew.

“Take this” Doc said as she handed her a blue feather.”

“Oh my, we’re going to use our hats?” Bren said as they both tipped their hats, making them appear.

Placing the feathers, Doc said, “Hold my hand and don’t let go,” as they both disappeared.

Never having traveled with someone before, Bren found it comforting as the world sped by. However, this time, together they began to rise into the sky as they entered the clouds. Brilliant flashes of light swirled and twirled around them, and then they began to descend together at lightning speed until suddenly everything stopped.

Instead of that queasy feeling that usually accompanied her arrival, Bren felt an overwhelming sense of well-being. Everything just felt “right” as they stepped onto exquisitely carved cobblestones that shone slightly luminescent as they walked on them. Breathing in the air, it seemed sweet and fresh. Doc, happy and relaxed, said, “Hon, hardly anyone ever gets to come here before their time, this is a great honor, so behave yourself.”

Bren simply nodded, expecting to see Sam any second.

Irises! They’re my favorite!

After a short walk, Doc and Bren entered a vast garden full of flowers, many of which she had never seen before. Brilliant colors and amazing smells in a profusion of abundance delighted their senses with a natural beauty Brenzel never imagined possible. However, Bren did recognize one type of flower, irises, and immediately skipped over to them. “Doc, these are my favorites! I love them!” she said touching one. “I’ve never seen them so big!” Bren said, pulling a flower nearly as large as her head down to smell it.


“Hello Ma’am,” a familiar voice sounded behind her.

Bren wheeled around, exclaiming “Sam!” only to stop short while having to look up and say, in a questioning tone, “Sam? Is that you?”

“Yes, it is Bren,” said the handsome man as he looked down, wings folding at his side.

“You’re – you’re gorgeous,” Bren said without thinking. Then added, blushing, “I mean you look, uh, very well!” and finished with “You’re so tall!”

Indeed, Sam, now a fully grown Seraph, was nearly seven feet tall, dwarfing both Bren and Doc. Looking over at Doc, Sam said, “Thank you Doc, I couldn’t have done it without you,” bending down to hug her.

Doc hugged him tightly, saying, “I love you so much, I knew you could do it. I am so proud of you, Sam!”

A road to forgiveness

“I’ve been told we don’t have much time,” Sam said kindly, “but I really want you to meet someone.” Bren, looking beyond Sam, saw another Seraph approach from the sky, wings folding as her feet touched the stone. As she neared, Bren saw the most beautiful woman she had ever laid eyes on. She moved towards them gracefully with long, flowing hair and classic features, as well as six gossamer wings.

Nearing them, the 20ish looking feminine being said sweetly, “Hello Bren, Hi Hatty”.

Bren, feeling a twinge of jealousy, said, “Hello ma’am,” as Doc went over to hug her.

Motioning with his hands, Sam said, beaming, “I’d like you to meet my mother.”