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I missed you

(Alfheim, Sanctuary City, Hala)

Finally, late on the third day, Hatty woke up. Eyes slowly opening to the darken room, she said, “3?”

“I’m here my love, I’m right here,” the big seer said as a wave of relief washed over his soul.

Squeezing his hand weakly, Hatty said, “I had the most amazing dream. I walked in the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, more lovely than Dove’s flower garden in Elysia. It felt so peaceful and I felt so loved, so safe. I came to a river, and sat on the bank with my toes touching the water as a man in white sat down by me. He didn’t say anything, just smiled.”

“That’s lovely Hatty, a very nice dream,” he said.

“I knew in my heart it was perfectly okay if I stayed there and, honestly, I thought about it. But then I heard you speak to me, saying, ‘I love you, please come back to me.’ I looked at him and knew it was okay if I wanted to go.” Tears in her eyes, Hatty said “I had to come back, Love, I missed you so much.”

Gently caressing her cheek, 3 said, “You’re my eternal love, I always want you with me, I’m glad you came home.”

Coughing slightly, trying to rise, Hatty asked, “I’m thirsty, Love, could you pour me some water?” as 3 helped her sit up.

When 3 heard that he was called to Great Counsel, he almost asked to be excused. However, because of his first hand experience of the attack, he knew the members wanted to hear from Michael and him personally. Hatty, though still weak, did her best to encourage him to go, saying that she would be fine with Alethea and her attendants. Reluctantly, 3 agreed, but left a very detailed three page list of everything his lover needed and liked with the attendants.

Seeing clearly

The next day, waking up in her chamber before the first dawn, Hatty felt her way to the nearby commode. Washing her face afterwards, she looked in the candlelit mirror. Strange, she thought, for the first time in years she saw her face clearly. Looking at her hands, she brought them close then far away. Odd, she thought, no fuzziness.

Behind her, outside their chamber, the first sun rose in a pale orange sky. Light began trickling in through the lattice, tracing various illuminated shapes on everything as Hatty slipped back into bed. Breathing deeply again, Hatty ran her tongue over her lips. Yes, she thought as sleep began to take her again, everything feels perfect.

You forgot your abacus, my friend!

Walking out of the Great Counsel, 3 thought about the events that led up to this momentous moment. First the wasteland dragons, then the Librarian, and now the attack at Alfheim. Most of all, 3 thought about the darkness that had fallen on his second sight, preventing him from seeing clearly and how that had almost cost him his Hatty.


Resurfacing again, 3 saw Michael staring at him. “Ah, what were you saying?” 3 offered.

“You forgot your abacus, my friend,” he said, handing the small bark leather bag to the mathematical seer.

Taking it, 3 commented, “Thank you. Although it is not much use to me now.”

Slapping him on the back Michael said encouragingly, “3, your the smartest guy I know, you’ll figure it out if anyone can. Come on buddy, I’m hungry. One of the attendants told me of a great place to eat down by the beach. She told me they serve amazing grapes.”

3, looking at his jovial friend, said, “What is it with you and grapes? I like grapes, too, but you positively have this thing for them.”

Michael said, “It is long story, my good 3, perhaps I will tell you some day.” Winking, he added, “Like all great tales, it involves a battle, a last minute victory, and one truly amazing lady.”

3, eyebrows raised, smiled and walked with his friend among the crowd leaving the enormous hall.

No one need lock doors around here

Hatty woke again, in the full light of Hala’s second dawn. Rolling over, she gazed out the door that was ajar. One of the things about Alfheim was that no one ever need lock anything. That was so different than earth, where almost everyone felt unsafe. Quite the opposite was true in Hala, though, for until the dragon attack, no violence or any other type of trouble had been seen there in Alfheim for millennia.

May I draw your bath?

Attendants knocked politely on the door, saying, “Good morning Hatshepsut, may we draw your bath?”

Smiling to herself, rolling over, she said, “Come in, yes, absolutely – and please call me Hatty, everyone else does.”

“Yes…Hatty” the girls said, grinning a bit as they padded past her towards the bathroom.

As the water ran, her thoughts strayed back to the dream she had while injured. It seemed so real. Everything about it, down to her toes kissing the river’s water. And the man, so peaceful, so serene. Who was he?

“Your water is ready…Hatty.”

“Thank you, and please, could you ask the kitchen to send me some breakfast too? I’m famished!”

Nodding, one of the young things looked at her a moment longer, then, giggling, left through the door as the morning light shone upon Hatty’s womanly figure.


Deliciously hot, Hatty gingerly slipped into the bubbly bath. Loving every inch of her body coming in contact with its hot water, she lay her head back and closed her eyes. Feet propped up on the opposite side, wiggling her toes, she sighed. Hatshepsut didn’t understand precisely why, but she was just happy today, everything just felt so right.

After soaking until she pruned, Hatty began to wash herself with the sumptuous ointments left for her. One smelled of lilac, another lavender. They both felt so good as she lathered up her face and arms, then neck, then…. Hatty, shocked felt again, then again. Sitting up in the tub, she looked down in utter surprise. Standing, she toweled off, stepping in front of the mirror. “That’s…impossible!” she said out loud, feeling herself, making sure they were hers. Rising her arms she turned from side to side, again and again, thinking, Wow, girl!

Lock the door

Just then 3 walked into their chambers, and seeing the bed empty called out, “Hatty?”

“I’m in the bathroom, Love.”

“Oh, okay. I have to report to Alethea anyway, I’ll be back in a little while.” As he turned, Hatshepsut stepped out of the bathroom, smiling. “Hatty?” 3 said, blinking in disbelief. Looking her up and down, he marveled, “Is that you?”

“Lock the door, big boy, and come kiss me…”