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(Realm of Elysia)

Bren lay resting peacefully in linen sheets as white as the driven snow. Her hair, washed and combed, framed her lovely features perfectly.

Dove stood in her sanctuary looking, marveling at Brenzel’s heart and resilience. Presently, a man, impeccably dressed, walked up and stood at her side.

“You know, she wasn’t ready for this,” Dove said.

Looking pained, he said, “Yes, but what choice did we have?”

“None. If there was another way we would have taken it,” she conceded.

I’m glad you saved her

I’m glad you saved her, she will be an asset to our cause, not to mention our house…” the elder seraph said as her wings shimmered.

Yes, she is lovely isn’t she,” he agreed.

Then, setting the hat on her bedside table, Traveler added, “a real beauty through and through.”