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Seraph Hunter

Seraph Hunter: Picture Tomb Raider Meets Touched By An Angel

Beauty wants to destroy her, Traveler wants to save her, Brenzel must choose between good and evil. Therein lies the story of Brenzel Marie Finnegan, a small town girl from 17th century England. At the end of her rope, Bren finds hope in the most unlikely person, the Time Keeper Extraordinaire, offering her a hat that may – or may not – solve all her problems.

Brenzel becomes a Seraph Hunter: A person of extraordinary abilities. She helps others caught in tight situations chose good. Along her own path of redemption, Bren meets friends and foes alike, finding out that her life is worth much more than she could possibly imagine. In fact, as she so chooses, so goes the fate of all mankind.

Join the mystical journey

In invite you on the mystical journey through the seven realms and Eden. From the heights of Elysia to the depths of Hades, across the Bandit ridden wastelands of Hala, to the bamboo forests and Giant Pandas of Tian, God’s Seraph Hunter fights evil by helping those who will shape the destiny of us all.

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