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seraph hunter

Seraph Hunters Go Where Angels Fear To Tread

There is a greater reality than the world we see. Our cosmos is but a very small subset of eternity. What we view as supernatural, is actually just the way things are in that greater realm. We are so much more than we appear to be.

Therefore, when we only go by what can be understood by our natural minds, we severely limit ourselves. Man was never meant to live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of our God. Therefore, do not chain yourself to the terrestrial when, in fact, God wants us to walk in heavenly places with Him.

Mankind is a Seraph in the making. We are the replacement for fallen Lucifer and are embroiled in a war that spans heaven and earth. We are not just battling fallen angels, but this conflict to the death is between the forces loyal to God and a fallen Seraph of the Most High.

Paul says,

” For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Ephesians 6:12

Identifying the Bride of Christ

Recently, God has been allowing me to see His Seraphim. These Divine Mates are called to be part of the Bride of Christ and they are spiritually known. Mostly, you can see it in their eyes and sense it in the revelation they speak or write.

In a word, I feel like a Seraphim Hunter. I want to identify these individuals, both men and women, not to harm them, but to preserve them. God is moving strongly through me and others to help these saints realize who they are in Him.

Seraphim Hunters to the rescue

Many of these believers have been and still are very much under attack of the enemy. Fallen Lucifer marks them out, often from birth, for destruction. I am not sure how she identifies them so early, but some of these people suffer a great deal and many do not survive spiritually.

In fact, if you can receive it, many Seraphim have turned to the dark side of the spirit simply because they’ve found no place in Christianity. Seraphs, who were born with spiritual giftings, fell into great sin because they had no other place to turn. Rejected by the church, they’ve been seduced by great evil.

Be a Seraph Hunter

We must seek out the lost and boldly tread where angels fear to go. God is a Father who seeks out the lost wherever they are. As we experience His Divine Love, we can love those who are unloved and give them a chance to find their way back.

This is way beyond the four spiritual laws and is next level evangelism. Led by Love we go to extraordinary lengths as Seraph hunters. God gave His only begotten Son to die in our place so that some might be saved. If our Father did that, there is nothing He will not do through us to reach those that are bound in the chains of darkness.

Seraph Hunter Fiction Series

The Seraph Hunter Fiction Series weaves truths of God’s Spirit with a rollicking story of Brenzel and her adventures as a Seraph hunter. Presenting spiritual truths in a fictional setting allows our readers to become acquainted with concepts that are beyond their normative Christian experience. Enjoy!

A Seraph Hunter goes wherever, whenever and to whomever God wills

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