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seraphim love

Holy, Pure, And God-Given

Seraphim love is a beautiful thing: holy, pure, God-given.  It is the original love of Eden, the love that Adam and Eve shared in paradise with God.  It is the love from which all other love stems.

Seraphs are the wives of YHWH and they are what the house of Solomon portrays in a spiritual sense. They dwell in the sides of the north with the Most High.  Though they are many, they are of one body, one soul, and worship God with a perfect love crying Holy, Holy, Holy day and night.

We, as the Body of Christ, are becoming one in Him.  As such, we love as He loves, Christ being the chief Seraph of this creation.  Intimacy with God and each other flows from what we are created to be: the wife of the Almighty.

Paul says,

For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.  This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.”

Ephesians 5:31:32

Becoming one with God and each other, the Body of Christ loses all inhibitions as it experiences Seraphim Love.  We join together as the Holy Spirit leads, every joint supplying what the other needs.  Our kisses are holy, our touch divine, as His Spirit fills us to overflowing. Seraphim Love is breath-taking, like seeing the most beautiful sunset you could imagine.  All the old ways of loving simply pale when we realize God’s beauty in each others eyes.  We love as God intended from the very beginning.

Why does the Spirit of God lead us into intimacy?

One of the most stunning aspects of Seraphim Love is that we act and move as one.  If you have ever seen a flock of starlings fly, though they are many, they move as one.  I believe Seraphim do the same type of thing, just on a more complete and grand scale.  As we experience oneness with God, we naturally start syncing up with each other too.

I feel Jesus in  your touch

Just as it is natural for us to be intimate with our own bodies, it is natural for the Body of Christ to be intimate with itself as Christ leads.  This seems strange to us, because we have never really seen the church function as God intended. However, In the Book of Acts they were all of one heart and soul. In the unity of the Spirit they had the unity of the faith. It is no coincidence that we read about love feasts and Holy kisses during that time. The truth is, to the first Christians, loving one another was a natural part of being Spirit filled.

Christians who enter into Seraphim Love lose their sense of shame, no longer wishing to hide themselves from each other.  As Christ leads, we love without inhibition or self consciousness, because that is just what unified bodies do.  It doesn’t seem strange or at all unusual to hug, kiss, or love another, any more than to touch our own natural flesh.  Moreover, our actions are Holy and pure, because the Holy Spirit is directing them.

When we see Jesus in each other’s eyes

Seraphim are the intimates of God.  Actually, no one has ever fully seen a Seraphim that we know of.  I believe though, that divine love, which is what Seraphim Love is, permeates every fiber of their beings.  Likewise, as we become a manifestation of God’s love, the same intense, burning passion fills each one of us too.  This the reason why the Tabernacle Experience is intimate.  Very soon, the Body of Christ will enter into Seraphim Love.  If you listen to the song below, it is already here.  Know that in this day we shall become love because He is love.

What A Beautiful Name by Hillsong Worship