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Seraphim are not of this universe but are from special acts of creation in other realms of God’s Spirit. Some have been with God in ways we cannot comprehend. Seraphim are the Spiritual Unions of God and dwell in the secret places of the Most High. Solomon and his wives are a type of this greater spiritual reality.

The revelation of the Seraphim has been growing in me for some time.  God is illustrating that Isaiah’s level of insight is not the exception, but the norm.  In other words, Spirit-led believers, in these last days, experience the same degree of revelation that produced the scriptures.

That same Spirit

To many, this concept seems blasphemous.  Some idolize the scriptures so much that they forget holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Spirit.  That is the same Spirit that dwells in us through the in-filling of the Holy Ghost.

When I write, I write by the revelation of the Holy Spirit.  Whatever I hear, or sometimes see, I write.  As I trust YHWH’s Spirit, I am shown things past, present, and future which cannot be known by the natural man.  These mysteries are simply revealed to me, not learned through study.

A revelation of Seraphim

The revelation of the Seraphim and who they are to God is truly profound.  I now understand that such scripture level revelation is simply part and parcel with becoming the Bride of Christ.  

A Song Of Seraphim.

Our Great God by Fernando Ortega