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Real Truths In Heaven, Project Shadows On Earth, Which We See As Reality

A shadow generally resembles the outline of the real object.  When an old style type writer strikes paper, it leaves behind the imprint of the key.  The image on the page is not the entire typewriter key, but just a image of a portionof it.  Spiritually speaking, our lives are types and shadows of the heavenly realm.  We see this phenomenon of foreshadowing or typology in the Old Testament when scriptures speak of eternal truths or future events.  For instance, God commanded Abraham to sacrifice Isaac on mount Moriah.  Abraham’s obedience is a shadow of the sacrifice of God’s only son on Golgotha.

Only an approximation of the real deal

On a sunny day shadows outline objects on the ground.  These shadows vary according to the angle the light hits the object.  Shadows are indistinct, likewise, when Heaven casts shadows into this world,it’s only a general outline of the real spiritual thing.  However, heaven is so incredibly real, its shadows manifest as building, events, and people in this creation.

As we begin to take on the character and image God, our lives begin to foreshadow different truths of the spiritual realm.  Unaware of this, we wonder why certain things happen they do.  Jonah probably thought, “Why me Lord?”, not realizing his troubles represented much more than a bad day.  Jonah’s trial is shadow representing to all generations what happens when we frustrate the will of our Father.

People fall into shadows

Being caught in a type is a bit like being swept down a river.  Once you are in the flow, the waters tend to take your where they will.  When you foreshadow the heavenly realm, you tend towards doing certain things that represent it. For instance, Saul made poor decisions, thus setting himself on s path to destruction.  In his disobedience, Israel’s first king pictured of how pride removes us from God’s Elect.

Here is the point I wish to make in this essay:

“You may be caught in a shadow, but you determine which part you fulfill”

For example, some fall into compromise, representing the church of Laodicea. However, believers can rededicate their lives and buy gold tried in the fire,  becoming a picture of a overcomer.  Both Saul and David sinned, however Saul fulfilled a picture of a disobedient servant, while David is a picture of a man who repents.  One died alone on a battlefield, the other died surrounded by family in a palace.

Believers who walk with God always begin to represent heavenly truths

When you reach a certain point in God you start fulfilling types and shadows in your life.   This is a constant of everyone who walks closely with God.  If you find becoming a tale of what not to do in God,  simply repent and become a picture of God’s grace towards those who repent.  While you cannot escape reflecting heavenly truths you can choose which ones you will represent.

King David was well on his way to foreshadowing a fallen king, but through true repentance He came to represent those who sin greatly but find grace in God’s sight.  David chose to become an example of forgiveness rather than failure.

Predestination is not what most people think

Lastly, a word about predestination.  Some people mistakenly believe they are predestined according to the foreknowledge of God.  People believe the future is predetermined by God and they have not control of it.  Predestination is not lack of freewill, but rather God’s perfect will for  your life.  Therefore, though God marked out a path for you to travel, you can choose not to take it.  This is what sin does, it causes us to deviate from the way that God wants us to go.  God has a mark He wants you to hit, missing that mark is sin.

Chose your shadow wisely

In conclusion,  set your will to follow Jesus with all your heart, soul, mind, believing that you can make positive decisions that will allow you to foreshadow great things in God. If you find that your life is picturing something negative, repent and picture something positive.  We all have free will and we can choose the shadows and types we fulfill.

The Holy Of Holies by Paul Wilber