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truth in love

Daring To Be Vulnerable

Sometimes God calls us to share the truth in love with others, saved or unsaved. Most often, people think of this as sharing something that is criticism or speaking a truth they don’t believe. However, there are times when we share the truth in love with another that is tender and vulnerable.

We do this, not because it is comfortable, but because we are submitting to our Lord in love. We love our Jesus; therefore, we are willing to open up and speak from our hearts what He says.

Speaking the truth in love

Jesus often did not answer others as they expected, but rather answered them as they really needed. When he did, they were often brought up short at his unexpected answer. However, because he loved them, he was willing to be vulnerable toward them and bear their rejection if need be.

The rich young ruler is a prime example of this, for Jesus spoke to his real need and did not answer his apparent question when pressed. Likewise, if we want to be led by the Spirit and really do the will of our Father, we will speak to the real needs and real concerns of our brethren, too.

The love of God is a controversial subject

It seems to be a habit for God to speak about intimate things through me, be it Holy Consummation or about Seraphim. Indeed, it is easier to only brush the surface of such deep and controversial subjects. However, I write these out of love, not to those who will reject them, but to those who will accept His truth.

Of course, this leaves me open to rejection and ridicule and as a human being I don’t enjoy that but I am willing to be vulnerable in order to truly minister to those God is bringing into the Tabernacle Blessing.

Dare to open your heart to others

One of the most difficult things that any of us will do in the Tabernacle Movement is to remain open to others. Our relationship with Jesus is so precious to us, we feel the tendency to hide away with Him in our secret places. However, we must be willing to endure rejection so that we might minister to His Bride and help bring her to him.

Finally, Jesus was so vulnerable to people that he was crucified by them. In sharing the truth in love completely, he birthed a nation of believers. Our Master showed us the way and demonstrated what it takes to really love our fellow man. Let us all minister as he ministered and be willing to open our arms wide as he did.

Testify To Love by Wynonna Judd