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If We Are In The Last Days…

Many ministers are preaching and teaching about the last days.  People literally say, “sure sign of the end Bob.”  However, I have a difficult time understanding the disconnect between believing that we are about to experience Armageddon and living as if it will never happen.

The sign of our times is God’s voice

I do not advocate building a “Bug Out” shelter.  What I suggest is that people spiritually prepare to meet the challenges ahead.  What is needed now is to learn the voice of our Father so that when times become difficult we’ll be accustomed to obeying His voice  In other words, safety cannot come from our natural minds, but only through allowing God to lead and guide us in the midst of calamity.

I consider the lack of  teaching on this subject to be a dereliction of duty by the ministers of this generation.  Most are simply doubling down on the same old teachings that have produced next to nothing in God’s people.  Therefore, God’s flock is weak because leaders have taught to listen to their voice rather than learn to trust His voice.  Moreover, many will perish needlessly for when they need God most they will not have built a relationship with Him to act with certainty in the midst of the coming storm.

Listen, hear, and obey on time

My central message is  “Listen, Hear, and Obey on Time“.  Learn to do it now so that when it really counts you will do it automatically without hesitation.  You must experience God and feel His Spirit flow in you and through you.  Obedience to His voice must become a spiritual reflex.  Personally, I almost cannot “not” obey the voice of my Father anymore.  Whenever my Father speaks I feel compelled to obey simply out of habit.  Lives will literally depend upon your ability to make timely decisions by His Spirit.  The only way to do that, my friend, is to practice allowing God to make those types of decisions now.

Hear My Voice by Lisa Bevill