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“Something” Is An Eternal Truth: Can You Hear It?

Everyone “connects” with this song, because it is a fundamental truth and reality in the Spirit.  So much of what we think is natural is, in fact, supernatural.  Everything stems from Divine Love.  We all innately know it, feel it, realize it.

Women were made to be symbols of love and adoration.  The Daughers of Eve can yeild ot God in ways that are amazing.  I really believe that Eve is the “new” thing of our creation.  I think that Lucifer took one look and Eve and decided that she was not the fairest of them all.  Thus there was war in Heaven to this day.


Avonlea represents much more than a young, talented woman


Many, when they see Avonlea sing, just see a young, pretty woman.  However, to me she kind of sums up why God made the Heavens and Earth.  Our Father looked around His creations and saw non “meet” for Him.  YHWH in consultation with His Seraphim, created mankind a little lower than the angels, but destined to be crowned with glory as His Queen.

Our natural minds are simply what was left over when our Spirits went dormant.  The smartest person who ever lived is but a shadow of what God created us to be when intermingled with His Spirit.



“Something” Is About Divine Connection