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This is a song about Divine Love


Natasha Bedingfield grew up in a Pentecostal church and knows Jesus as her personal Lord and savior.   I believe being filled with His Spirit, along with her God-given talent, allows her to fully articulate the message of “Soulmate”.


Finding you soulmate is a universal need


The need to be loved by someone who truly understands us is universal.  We all feel a deep and abiding need for a soulmate. However, what most do not realize is that a true mate is given from above and is a manifestation of God’s Divine love.

Divine spiritual connection is what a soulmate is.  It is a God selected mate, the one YHWH decides is  right for you.  You sense that righteousness in you heart and belly.  When you are round your soulmate all the world seems right, because it is.


God is well pleased with your soulmate


Just as God was well pleased with Jesus,  God is well pleased with you and your soulmate.  It is God’s will that you be together, mate, and bring forth abundantly after your kind.

Your union,  ordained in heaven, is more impotent than you can possibly imagine.  Your relationship, born in heaven, is eternal and meant to bring forth abundantly throughout all eternity.