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christian intimacy

You Are Part Of The Future Wife Of YHWH

In my writings, I speak a lot about Divine Love.  I do so because Divine love is the “sign” of the coming move of Tabernacles.  It is a sign of God’s presence just as speaking in tongues is the “sign” of the Pentecostal experience.  My aim is to provide counsel to those who begin to enter into the Tabernacle Experience.

Spirit-led intimacy is what used to take place during “love feasts” in the first century.  Holy Intimacy is the type of expression that occurs as a byproduct of oneness with God.  Unfortunately, many have been “pre-programmed”  to reject and call unclean the manifestation of God’s love.  Though many will reject God’s intimate advances, the Bride of Christ will open to Him with joy.

The church abhors physical intimacy between believers

The church currently restricts any form of intimacy to within the bonds of marriage, no matter how slight, because they fear sin.  There are even churches that teach against hugging the opposite sex for fear of “appearing” inappropriate.  This is man’s way of dealing with sin but not God’s way.  God’s way is to clean up our hearts so that we will not have the propensity to sin.  Thus, if one loves with a pure motive they won’t do anything inappropriate because that desire is not in them.

Many have little idea of what I am writing about because they lack the experience I am speaking of.  Trying to understand the Tabernacles blessing without personally experiencing it is hard to do.  This isn’t anyone’s fault, but rather it is just a function of lacking the same frame of reference.  I am no better or wiser than others, it just I am one of the first to experience it.  I testify that Divine Love is wonderful, and with God’s help, we are well able to possess it.

Divine love is simply “Divine”

The power of Christian intimacy is truly awesome.  It is beyond and above any earthly experience that is available to us. It heals the broken heart, gives strength to those who are discouraged, and can bring forth beauty from the most difficult situation. Holy consummation is our inheritance.  However,  when you experience Christian intimacy, you can use my writings as a place to begin to understand it.

What I write about presupposes the Tabernacle experience.  If you attempt this type of liberty without the leading of the Spirit it will be to your own destruction.  This is Spirit-led liberty and not natural-minded freedom (which is really anarchy.)  There is a big difference.  The love of the Spirit expressed by the Spirit has very definite boundaries.  If led by the Spirit, you literally cannot overstep the line that He draws.  Natural rules are always subject to man’s lusts, however, Holy Spirit boundaries are as sure as God Himself.

Here is a truth about Christian intimacy,

“Never do what you find written in these essays unless you are being led by the Holy Spirit.

 Christian intimacy, as God originally created it to be, is a much broader and deeper experience than what we have now.  Its boundaries are fluid according to the law of love in the Spirit.  What is appropriate in one situation does not necessarily apply to another.  You simply yield to the Spirit as you are led and leave it at that.  The only constant is that God leads you at the time you need to know His will.  This is why I speak about Christian intimacy in generalities and not specifics.  There is no “method” to yielding to God’s love except letting Him guide you, individually, at the time it happens.

Christian intimacy can be dramatic

Like any birth, the result is more pleasant than the process.  The birth of this move, like the birth of Pentecost, will result in a lot of drama, excess, and tearing down of what is now considered to be settled Christianity.  It is going to be messy, but that is the nature of the birthing process.  People will have ample opportunity to shipwreck if their hearts are not right before God.  This revival is nothing less than the Man-child spoken of in chapter 12 of the book of Revelation.

I counsel you to learn what you can from these writings about Christian intimacy before the appointed time.  In the end, you will have to be led by His Spirit just as we were.   I know, though, that when I experienced Tabernacles it would have helped if someone explained even a little of what was happening.

The thing about the coming move of Divine Love

This move of the Spirit is coming and you cannot escape it.  If you are serious about your love relationship with God, Christian intimacy is definitely in your future.  It is the natural outcome of being part of the Bride of Christ.  It is like fully maturing into the fullness and stature of who Christ is in God.  We are the Seraph of the Most High destined to become part of His heavenly household.

In conclusion, people should not think it strange when I speak about Christian intimacy.  Being intimate with God, to the extent that His Spirit leads, is a fundamental component of the Tabernacle Experience.  However, we are so culturally averse to intimacy in a spiritual context, many find it difficult to accept the reality of being with God.  This is why I am sharing with you about Divine Love and testifying of what is really happening between believers.  Understanding even a little bit of what God is doing will help you accept this foretaste of heaven on earth.

Heaven Is A Place On Earth by Belinda Carlisle