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Are You Lost? Do You Want To Find Your Way Home?

In today’s Christian church, there is much emphasis placed upon the study of God’s word.  While study is profitable, I believe that we may be missing the more important area of hearing God’s current word for today

For example, if I wrote to you on Sunday asking to meet me at 5th and Main on Tuesday and then later, on Monday, called and said I would be at 4th and Steward at noon: where and when would you meet me?  Here is a truth,

“It does no good to be so tied to where God was that we miss where God is.” 

To be sure, the Bible is the word of God.  All scriptures were received through holy men of God who spake and wrote as the Spirit led them.  It is also true that the translations we have today are largely inerrant and are true to the original Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew texts.  The scriptures, spanning thousands of years, also allow us to derive general principles of who God is and how He deals with mankind.

However, let us keep in mind that men and women of God received specific and timely communication in order to perform the great acts of faith we read about.  Abraham spoke with the Angel of the Lord about those in Sodom. Moses meets God in a burning, instructed to return to Egypt.  God warns Joseph in a dream to flee with Jesus into Egypt.  In fact, every significant saint of old experienced direct communication with our Father in one way or the other.  These personal communications allowed them to know what to do in specific circumstances and when to do it.  

The questions we may all need to consider is:

“If Abraham, Moses, and Joseph needed direct communication isn’t it just as necessary for us to do the same?”

I assert that all Christian believers need to know God’s voice in order to receive specific direction for what He presently wants done in their day to day lives.  In fact, hearing God’s voice should be the normal experience of everyone who confesses Jesus as Lord.

For instance, the Bible says that we should study to show ourselves approved.  However, it does not tell us specifically what we should study on a day to day basis.  Study scriptures as directed today because God knows you are going to meet someone who needs specific encouragement. Ask God what to study, allow His Holy Spirit to guide you. 

Here is a truth:

“While the Bible is good at giving general principles, you still need individual direction from the Holy Spirit in order to be 100% effective.”

Likewise, if you read the holy writ and apply the principles to your life only through natural minded thinking, you may or may not be doing the will of God.  We need specific direction in order to fulfill the will of God for our lives today.

The question we must all ask ourselves is:  

“If God speaks to you but you do not follow His voice are you truly one of His sheep?”

Sadly, many people count themselves to be Christians simply because they belong to a church.  However, following rules does not necessarily mean you have a relationship with the rule giver.  To have a relationship you must become personally acquainted with Him through conversation. 

Communication is a two way street. Each party must speak and then also listen for any meaningful dialogue to take place.  God always listens to our prayers and always speaks.  However, though we speak much, we often times do not listen. God says today what He speaks to us NOW.

Doing the “things” of God is not the same as having a “relationship” with Him

Some believe that doing the things of God is the same as having a relationship with Him.  One does not always follow the other.  Many obey formulas that they have been told will grant them eternal life.  However, what assures us a place in heaven is a relationship with the one who grants that access.  If you do not know Him, He will no let in, no matter how many rules you have followed.  

In conclusion, know God’s voice so that you will know what He wishes for you to do today.  Let the Holy Spirit replace your natural mind as the decision maker in your life.  To walk in the Spirit, simply let His Spirit lead and guide you in your actions and interactions. 

Though the cost is great, the will of God is this:

“Live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God, both in the past and in the present.”

In this way you will become both hearers and doers of the word of God. Moreover, in the resurrection, you will be counted as a friend of God.