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We have ways of making you…

Picture a tall, thin man, dressed in a uniform with a Nazi insignia walking smartly into a room where the woman above is being held. She has been literally stripped of her dignity, bound and abused. Yet, the officer who approaches sees none of that, only a prisoner that must be bent to his will at all costs.

Plainly, because she has dared to resist the Fuhrer, she is an enemy of the Nazi state and must be dealt with accordingly. The officer begins with a slight smile, “How do you like your accommodations Fraulein?” The prisoner remains silent. “I see you have resisted all our attempts to rehabilitate you from your error. I have been sent to give you one last chance to choose what is right.” Shivering slightly, the woman answers not a word.

The spirit of control

“Come now, Fraulein, let us be reasonable people. There is no need to prolong this charade,” he says sitting down at a small table in an otherwise bare room. Clicking his fingers, a soldier enters, bringing a dossier. Looking up at his prisoner, he motions her to sit, but when she refuses, the soldier forces her into the chair opposite him.

Staring at her for a moment, as she looks down, arms trying to cover something of her dignity, the Nazi slowly opens up the folder and spreads some pictures out in front of her. Arranging them neatly, he allows their effect to take hold as she begins to sob softly.

See the pain you have caused

“You see, Fraulein, the pain you have caused these people?” the officer begins. They did nothing to deserve this pain, yet nevertheless, you have made them endure it. Your children are grieving for your error. Also, we have your grandchildren and you will never see them again if you fail to cooperate. Do you understand me?” Still, his sobbing captive says nothing.

If you will only admit your error

“I have the power to restore everything to you if only you will admit your error and testify of how wrong you are. I’m not a harsh man, Fraulein, you have lovely children and beautiful grandchildren. I can only guess at how difficult it is to not be able to hold them in your arms.”

At that moment, the woman lifts her head and stares straight into His eyes, unflinchingly and without fear. The officer, despite his best efforts, momentarily looks away.

I do not want my children or grandchildren to grow up in your world

The woman says, with a dry throat, “Yes, I love my children and my grandchildren and, you are right, I miss them dearly”. She takes one of the photos in her swollen hands, holding it up; it is of her granddaughter. “Yet, I sit here in front of you, naked, hungry, thirsty, and cold, not because I am wrong, but because I do not want her to grow up in a country controlled by ungodly and corrupt people like you.

People, who like you, care more about a system than those whom that system crushes. People that would cause everyone around them to become meaningless slaves to your Nazi beliefs rather than be decent and compassionate people. Deluded people that, like you, would use a person’s family against them if they disagree and refuse to obey you. I sit here today precisely because I love my children and grandchildren and want to help deliver them from the world that you desire to create.

Breaking the spirit of control

Stunned by her courage and clarity of thought, the officer remains silent for a moment. Suddenly, as if coming to a decision, he stands and walks out of the room, leaving the photos on the table. She remains seated, crying as she caresses each one of the pictures, knowing that she has just signed her death warrant.

After a while, the door opens. Two women enter. They bathe, feed, and clothe her. They set up a cot by the wall with a small pillow and blankets also.


We Shall Be Free By Garth Brooks