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spirit recognizes spirit

What Do You See?

It has taken me a long time to come out of my background and shake off the shackles of Christian conventionality.  Our reliance on our natural minds is taught to us from childhood and reinforced by church dogma.  Many try living a Spirit filled life through following principles others teach them instead of listening to the Holy Spirit.  It is not evil to be this way, however, the knowledge of good destroys us just as surely as the knowledge of evil.

Here is a truth,

“In a world of blind people, sight is heresy”

The central problem, pastors and teachers, is that you force your people into a doctrinal box.  Every Sunday people hear your voice, learn your viewpoint, and imbibe what you think according to your understanding of the scriptures.  Thus, if God says something different from you, people always wondering if they should follow the Holy Spirit or what you say. If people dare to follow God, and you don’t agree, you apply pressure upon them to conform. Consequently, no one under you can ever go above where you are and remain in your church for very long.

The danger of such dependency is that without you, your people cannot function.  God’s sheep are so used to listening to you rather than Him, they don’t know how to hear His voice for themselves. 

There is a new paradigm in town

I simply do not listen to anyone, anymore that does not speak with the voice of my Father.  I don’t care whom you are, what you believe, or how strongly you say it.  If the voice that I know as my Savior does not flow from your lips, you have no authority or consequence in my life.  I firmly advocate that all believers take this stand and stop listening to those who claim authority, but do not have His voice.

As ministers of the Gospel, we need to understand that we are servants in the vineyard of God.  Our duty is to first obey the voice of our God and then till His ground as He pleases.  Many ministers are belligerent, egotistical, and domineering masters who sport a thin veneer of civility, but only in so far as you conform to their doctrine.

The New Paradigm is this: Spirit Recognizes Spirit

I have come to realize that Spirit recognizes Spirit.  People who know God intuitively sense when God is in others.  I really don’t have to convince anyone,  they just know the truth.  It is almost like we know things through our spirits that our natural minds cannot detect.

You, as  you are reading this today, understand what I am saying by revelation.  Even though you may think what I say makes sense, flesh and blood is not the reason that you do.  You recognize The Spirit in me, because it is the same Spirit that is in you.  This is the essence of spiritual connections, God joining us together through the revelation of His Rhema in each of us.

Often times we struggle with spiritual things, because there is an ever-present fear we may be going astray with new revelations.  Many “think” this is quite “normal and natural”, but it is not the way God wants us to live.  Nowadays, I trust the voice of my heavenly Father so much that I go with whatever He says.  I don’t question my Good Shepherd any longer, I just trust and obey His voice.  Conversely, I will not hear the voice of another, nor should I.

Uncertainty slows us down

Living by revelation is absolutely necessary, because if we are questioning God at every turn in the road, we will always be hesitant to travel it.  Living in uncertainty prevents us from moving at the speed of faith.  I see Spirit led saints constantly living in fear of error.  It is almost like uncertain people are always struggling to believe and never relaxing in the revelation God gives.

Really, my friend, it does not make any difference if you are totally right or wrong, because we are all so far from being right that it makes no sense to worry about it.  Trust His voice,  YHWH will correct us if He needs too.  If our Lord is not pointing out something specificly wrong, then lets start living in the Spirit.  From the day that we said yes to Jesus Christ we all left the realm of the reasonable and stepped into the world of supernatural faith.

Knowing things by revelation

I don’t have to tell you that God wants to love you, you already know this in your bones.  I can speak to you about the intimate things of His Spirit and your belly jumps for joy.  Talking about time and space in terms of what actually happens in the Spirit doesn’t faze you because you instinctively know its true.  In short, your spirit recognizes my spirit.  Spirit recognizes spirit and this is what brings about the UNITY of the Spirit

Moreover, Spirit recognizes spirit, because God wants to do something between us.  So many times I feel things in the Spirit towards people,  yet they draw back and do not allow God to manifest through them.  This is a big problem, because we need to connect and become one with each other to the extent that YHWH desires, else we fail to accomplish His will.

Travel at the speed of faith!

Any relationship, from acquaintance to Divine Mate, is to be led by love.  We are not our own, we are bought with a price.  Being inward and second guessing ourselves keeps us from His blessings.  Our heavenly Father really does know what He wants to do and is very specific on how He wants to do it.  Therefore, why not get out-of-the-way and let us be the Seraphim God meant us to be?  

Holy Spirit by Francesca Battistelli