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Spiritual Connections

Practically speaking, what are spiritual connections like in the real world?

I am going to speak about a special instance of spiritual connections that tends to be the most controversial: spiritual unions between men and women.

Connections in the Spirit happen to everyone and run the spectrum from brotherly love all the way up to and including marriage. Within that range, spiritual connections happen between the opposite sex. Many times these unions are for the express purpose of healing the individuals involved. Though they involve intimacy they are not primarily sexual in nature; they are Spirit-led and therefore innocent.

If this happens to you, you will be searching for answers. Know this, God is with you. However, the misunderstanding and possible persecution from otherwise well-meaning brethren may be intense. I hope this frank and honest discussion of connection love will be of some comfort and help to you during those times.

When Divine Love attracts

The special instances of Spiritual connection are those which take place between men and women. Such unions are akin to “love at first sight” in a spiritual way. They usually occur suddenly and without warning.  Depending on how open the individuals are, a spiritual union can hit you like a freight train traveling at full speed. The impact cannot be overstated.  For some, who do not know what is going on, it may seem like they are literally falling romantically for the other person. In a very real sense you are falling in love, just not as the world defines it.

Trouble in Lakeland

Surprisingly, many have experienced connection love to a certain degree, yet have not known what it was.  Often times, connection love between unmarried people is God matchmaking. Since your choice of mate so greatly affects not only yourself but also your generations, God is keenly interested in whom you marry.

Unfortunately, connection love has been the downfall of many a minister who mistook spiritual love for carnal attraction. Some church leaders have not realized that the love they felt for a woman in their congregation was authored by God. When their natural minds took over and their carnal desires kicked in, what started out in the spirit sometimes ended up in the flesh. This is what may have happened to Tod Bently of the Lakeland Revival.

On the other hand, what may have taken place with Tod is an instance of Divine Divorce. When a minister is obviously moving powerfully in the Spirit don’t automatically assume they have sinned just because they do something odd.  We should be slow to judge others lest we call what is of God, sin.

For the natural man knows not the things of God

Paul says,

“But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”

1 Corinthians 2;14

Spiritual connections occurred in the first-century church. God authored spiritual unions, usually between men and women, were what love feasts were all about. Though God-ordained, such intimate behavior between believers upsets natural-minded people. Indeed, the familiarity that connections display between each other is astounding. Spiritual connections are, in fact, a foretaste of relationships in The New Heavens and New Earth. They are the reason why people are neither married nor given in marriage in the world to come. People who view these unions only through our earthly paradigm fail to understand them because they are literally not of this world.

Judge not that ye may not be judged

Christians who have not experienced spiritual connections tend to condemn them as sin. Even though what God is doing is pure and holy, natural-minded people accuse spiritual connections of inappropriate behavior. This leads some to strongly oppose what God is doing.

Greeting one another with a holy kiss

Spiritual connections vary in intensity. In strong connections, the love of God can reveal itself in all manner of spiritual experiences and/or physical intimacy.  Intimacy stumbles onlookers who are used to judging such displays of affection between unmarried people as sin. Frankly, if these displays of affection were not led by the Holy Spirit they would be inappropriate.  However, where the Spirit of God is there is liberty.  For instance, when God leads a person to kiss another man or woman, it is a “holy kiss” and proper before God.

Love demands expression and spiritual love demands spiritual expression. When our spirits mingle our bodies follow suit. It is impossible to be close enough. Some day, on the shores of eternity, in God’s glorious liberty, we will love each other freely. Until then, we make due with the limitations imposed upon us in this natural realm.

As God unites people, a sort of spiritual convergence takes place.  Spiritual connections are a typological representation or a “picture” of how our bridegroom (Jesus) wants to become one with the Bride of Christ (us).  People who go deep into Divine Love become “one soul” in that they begin to think alike and finish each others sentences.  There is a unity that transcends earthly intimacy and brings you together in such a way that you are no more two people.  Space and time begin to dissolve and you know what each other is thinking or feeling across great distances.  Adam and Even experienced this type of God-centered union.

Love does not seek its own

Many, who experience connection love, feel totally head over heels in love with their connection. They want to be near them always. There is a yearning to share everything they are with their spiritual partners and to become, as much as possible, one with them. Our bodies react to spiritual love in much the same way as they react to earthly love. It is just that heavenly love does seek its own and would never “use” another for selfish carnal desires.

Edenic innocence is a strange thing to us. Most of us have not experienced innocence since we were small children. Desire to us is lust. To be close to a man or woman in complete purity of heart feels weird at first. You keep waiting for your lower nature to take over, but it doesn’t. Truly, to the pure all things are pure.

Whose property are we anyway?

This leads into another area that is pertinent to the discussion concerning spiritual connections and it is this,

“If we are bought with a price, and our bodies are not our own, is it not proper for the Holy Spirit to do anything He wants with us?”

Our bodies are now the property of God, therefore if He wants us to kiss, or hug, or do whatever, who are we to resist His Spirit?

If your spouse spiritually connects with another person, can you demand that they stop? Many would say “yes, absolutely, I have a right,” but I say, “wait a minute, are you greater than God?”  Remember, spiritual connections are predicated on the man or woman actually being led by God’s Spirit. Therefore, if the Holy Spirit unites two people through a spiritual union, in whatever way, we should not interfere.

What God hath joined together…

Though God hates divorce, the fact is, most of us marry unwisely. God was, for many, the furthest thing from their minds when they chose their present mate. Many people even married because they wished to legitimize their offspring. Consequently, God never authorized these natural-minded unions. Therefore, decisions made without our Father’s consent, do not bind Him.

Furthermore, your marriage may or may not survive Divine Love.  If God decides your choice of mate to be in His will, He may allow you to continue with your present spouse. If God finds your marriage contrary to His will, He may choose to connect you with another and simply annul your present marriage.

Divine Divorce: the reality of the situation

The phenomenon of Divine Divorce exists. It actually takes place sometimes masked as Christians believers realizing that they have irreconcilable differences. Spirit-led dissolution of your marriage is the biblical anti-type of what happen during the rebuilding of Jerusalem under Ezra. The men of Israel, in order to return to the will of God, to put away their foreign wives and children. God blessed their obedience even in that heartbreaking situation. (Ezra chapter 9 and 10)

The unity of the Body of Christ through Spiritual Connections

The prospect of a connected Body of Christ strikes fear into the heart of the Devil. In fact, spiritual connections are the single biggest threat to Satan’s kingdom here on Earth. The Body of Christ immersed in love, spells certain doom for the Devil’s plans. Where love dwells Satan has no hold.

God says,

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.”

Galatians 5:22,23

The connected Body of Christ is the Man-child spoken of in Revelation chapter 12. We are about to be born, as it were, in a single day. Standing as the unified Body of Christ, it is our destiny to deal a death-blow to the Dragon and his kingdom through the unity of the Spirit created by God’s Divine love.

We ought to obey God rather than men.

God, in the end, remains all in all. His Spirit fills us as we obey His every command through revelation. Most believers never realized how far Spirit-led obedience goes. In every area of our lives, we submit in obedience to His Spirit and simply do what He leads us to do.

Most have no idea what causes the great apostasy. Many think that people will simply decide not to follow Christ any longer due to persecution. However, the truth is, the great falling away occurs because many believers refuse to accept God in the way that He desires to come. Shortly, God will reveal Himself, once again, in a way that stumbles the natural minded and many will miss the time of their visitation.

A word to the wise

Do not, under any circumstance, violate the law regarding legal age. Young people who are underage must always be off-limits to adults. I repeat, do not allow yourself to connect with anyone who is not yet of legal age. This is not only unseemly, but it will bring shame upon you and others if you do.

What the song Amazed depicts is but a shadow of the intensity of Connection Love