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Spiritual exercises #2

How To Be Led By God’s Spirit

First Axiom:  God will tell you where to go if you listen.

Second Axiom:  God will lead any time you ask for direction.

Third Axiom:  God has a specific place for you to be today.

For today’s spiritual exercise you will need a pair of shoes and weather appropriate clothing. Also, allow at least 2 hours to complete this exercise.

Exercise goal: 

To learn how to be led by God’s Spirit

Exercises method:

Go to a public place that is safe.  It can be in a city or the country or just outside where you live.  Stand and pray asking, “Father, I am at your service today and I would like to know where to go.  Listen to what God says.  If you hear, “go forward” obey.  If you hear “right” or “left” obey that too.  When He says “stop”,  stand still. Every time you come to a place where you must make a decision which way to turn do not make that decision your self, ask God and do as He says.  It may not be a voice but more of a feeling.

Practice letting God take control

In this exercise, you are practicing letting God physically lead you. Do not make it about where you are going but more of how you are getting there.  Concentrate on just obeying Jesus and letting him direct where you go.

Note where He leads you. God can speak through circumstances too. Note the people that are around you. If He directs you to speak to someone simply obey.  Do not think of what you will say until you open your mouth.  Simply say whatever God wants to speak through you. This may be difficult for you to do but just do the best you can. Remember, this is practice.

Note: Try to do this in good weather unless the Spirit leads you otherwise

Exercise benefits:

By asking God where He wants you to go today, you learn how to be led by God’s spirit.  It is wonderful if something happens good but it is also instructive even if nothing happens at all.  Just practice going where God wants you to go and try not to let your natural mind over think things.

Note: do not do anything that will endanger yourself or others. Do not do anything that is illegal.  When you are just starting out the most you will probably suffer is embarrassment.  These are baby steps meant to help you learn how to be physically led by His voice.

In conclusion: have fun!

P.S. share your testimonies of what God does for others to read…it will be a great encouragement to everyone!

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