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Spiritual gifts

In the desert, a little love goes a long way

God’s love heals everything. It is the fuel God created the whole human race to run on. Without it, we simply do not function properly. People are born with natural talents and spiritual talents. Natural talents, such as music, art, or athletic ability, begin to develop as we grow.  Since these abilities are well understood we encourage and nurture them. Spiritual giftings, on the other hand, such as words of knowledge, prophesy, or other “supernatural” gifts are generally misunderstood.  A skeptical world tells us that these abilities are just our imagination and we learn very early on to hide what others do not approve of.

God’s love frees our hearts

Spiritual gifts, depending on their strength, usually only work when we feel free.  This is why prophets often prophesy in the presence of music.  Music gives them a sense of freedom that allows their gift to manifest.  When people are bound in their hearts, they cannot operate at their full potential in these areas.

Spiritual connections with other members of the Body of Christ bring healing to our hearts and restore our confidence.  As we feel free we also begin to operate our spiritual gifts.  Whatever has lain dormant within us begins to blossom like flowers in the desert after a sudden rain. Gifts spring forth in a profusion of beauty that surprises and delights us. God’s love flowing through us brings about a true Renaissance in our spiritual lives.

When we are loved and accepted our spiritual gifts flourish

As we find love and acceptance in and through the Body of Christ, spiritual gifts manifest in us to a degree we never thought possible. Things we read about in the Book of Acts become commonplace among Spiritual unions.  God restores abilities that we don’t even know we possess. Dominion over the very elements of nature, through the Holy Spirit, even allows us to say to our own angry seas, “peace, be still”. Space and time become more fluid as we access the mind of our Father through becoming one with Him. This allows us to see what God sees and feel what God feels.  This is why prophets can do what they do.

Don’t reject music just because someone sings off key

The Devil perverts so much of what God gives us that many refuse to lay hold of these abilities because they resemble witchcraft and sorcery.  However, Satan only mimics and corrupts what God creates.  The truth of the matter is, that every demonic use of spiritual gifts show us that there is a pure and holy original.

Say yes to spiritual gifts

In conclusion, just because people use foul language, don’t refuse to speak. Just because some people play rock and roll don’t stop listening to music. Likewise, just because some use what God created for evil purposes, don’t refuse to use your spiritual gifts. God made them for a reason and just because some use them inappropriately doesn’t make them bad.

The difference between witchcraft and spiritual gifts is in how you use them and who you submit too. All spiritual abilities, when submitted to God, are appropriate. Spiritual abilities when used for selfish reasons are inappropriate. Whatever God has given you, use for His glory and you will be OK. Let God’s love free you and do not fear to use your spiritual gifts.

Love and acceptance frees our giftings

Charlotte & Jonathan