spiritual love

The Only Real Love Is From Above

Let’s talk to you about Spiritual love.  I capitalize Spiritual love simply because this type of love is divine.  Many theoretically about different Greek words for love, but they does not really tell us what real Spiritual Love is all about. You have to experience Spiritual Love to understand it.


Here is a truth


“Spiritual love is literally God loving others through you completely and unreservedly”


To begin with, most of us are damaged to greater or lesser extents.  Throughout life we have fallen into sin or been treated unkindly and have suffered emotional and sometimes physical scars from these experiences.  These scars prevent us from being ourselves and sometimes cause us to close up our hearts to varying extents.

God has made each one of us unique and has given us special talents, but much of what we are and can be lies dormant for we have learned fear through unkindness from the world and even those closest to us.  Moreover, much of our creativity cannot be unlocked due to the fact that we are disconnected from His body.  We are made to be connected with one another and, just like a key is useless without a corresponding lock, we cannot function without our counterparts.


Earthly marriage is not enough


When we first meet and marry our mate, we enjoy a sense of completeness.  However, as our marriages go on we find out that our mates cannot be everything to us. There is a growing, and disturbing realization that we are still unfulfilled.  As wonderful as our marriages are there are still parts of us not fully realized.

God never meant people to function as separate entities, but rather interface with other members of the human race as He chose.  Paul speaks about the body of Christ and its members, fitly joined together, as supplying what the other needs.  While marriage is perhaps the most intimate and complete form of this type of union, it is not the sum total of it. Unfortunately, when God brings others people to connect with you, especially if they are of the opposite sex, many protest reject God’s leading. People may say they saved their marriage by rejecting these members, but they and the body of Christ suffers for it.


Spiritual love


Hence we come now to Spiritual Love.  Spiritual Love is a supernatural bond that God forges between people of either sex.  Divine Connections is God’s way of fitly joining His body of believers together.  At times, when feel incomplete, it is simply because they are not connected with those parts Christ’s body we are meant for.  Spiritual love is an ordering by the Holy Spirit of each part of the Elect with each other.  Only God knows by divine knowledge where we fit and with whom.


Love without limits


Spiritual love loves without reason.  It is a love given through God’s Spirit to individuals who yield to it and to others who will receive it.  Spiritual love is God loving His saints through His saints.  Holy intimacy is pure, but not in the immaculate  notion of purity that many people conceive of.  True Spiritual love will literally do anything that is required to selflessly love the object of its affection.  If God wants to hug a saint who needs a hug the best way to do that is through another saint.  Kissing a saint is best done through another saint greeting one another with a holy kiss.  When are Creator wishes to fellowship in love with His saints, the best way to do that is through love feasts.


Spiritual love reflects the needs of those so loved


Pain is, to a large extent, the reason why God’s people are dysfunctional.  Through many difficult experiences, most of them demonically inspired, people learn to close up and protect their vulnerable places.  Unfortunately, as saints protect themselves from hurt, they also cannot manifest God to others.  Divine love changes all this and suddenly people find they have the courage to be transparent, letting God flow through them.  All of a sudden, treasures hidden within us blossom in the absence of fear.  When God connects us to people who compliment and complete us, we become whole.


Satan fears spiritual love


The Devil fears this type of divine unity more than anything else.  As long as Satan keeps us divided we are of little threat to him personally or his satanic kingdom as a whole.  God, however, directs His Body of believers to function as He intended through love.

In reality most of the barriers that Christians erect to “protect” themselves from sin are simply bars which form self-made mental prisons.  Knowledge binds many through fear. They know, in their hearts, what they need to do, but they are afraid their desires are ungodly.  Thus, they are always between a rock and a hard place, denying themselves and miserable.


Locked up in heart and mind


Saints put on a brave face, but many are desperate souls.  Believers deny themselves, because the only way they can imagine having what they want  is through sin.  Many feel condemned, because what they want must be sin, therefore they are evil.  What most Christians do not know, and what Satan does not want them to know, is that God wants to fulfill the desires of our heart through His Spiritual Love.


Trust God above everything


It all comes down to trusting God rather than trusting your own minds.  Ruts define many people’s lives.  These open-ended graves never allow us to see what God really wants for us.  People say that God would never do this or that simply because their doctrine dos not allow for it.  However, if you never trust His voice enough to take a chance how ever find out.

Trusting what God says is the basis of every person’s salvation experience.  God says Jesus died for their sins and believers believe His word by faith.  However, our trust should not stop there, but continue as Christ leads and guides us into greater maturity. We must trust that if we ask for a good gifts, that our Father will give them to us.  So, to if God wishes to flow through and to you in Divine love you, trust is prerequisite.


The only line that really matters


The Holy Spirit determines what you can and cannot do.  You must know His voice and obey His Spirit automatically.  God’s Spirit draws the line in whatever situation you are in.  Whereas  the mark of a mature person is self-control,  the mark of a mature saint of God control. Yes, you are fully able to use this type of liberty for an occasion for the flesh, but  whatever you sow you shall reap.  Take small steps as He leads you, learning what is and what is not His voice. Through each experience lean a little more about God’s leading.  I believe it is always better to try to walk on water than to remain in the boat.

Also, people often warn that Satan comes as an angel of light to deceive people who are not careful.  They fear what you are experiencing is not of God even though it looks and feels exactly like Him. The truth is, when you walk in the Spirit it is easy to tell the difference.  In heavenly places,  what is and is not of God is extremely plain.  If you truly want to know God and yield to His Holy Spirit, you do not have to fear deception nearly as much as natural minded people want to claim.


The spiritual fulfillment of Tabernacles


Lastly, I write as one having experienced a foretaste of the Spiritual fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles.  Many things I write are relevant to those who are entering into The Tabernacles Experience.  If what I say does not make total sense at this point, simply hide it in your heart.  I assure you that when you do enter into Spiritual Love everything I say will make a lot more sense.

Here is a truth,

The Bride Of Christ Does Not Look Like A Nun.