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stand by me

 Imagine if the Body of Christ could be in this much unity by listening to His Spirit.  Imagine what that would be like!

Unity, or what people imagine unity is, comes not from people decided to be unified, but from a shared experience with God.  The unity of the Body of Christ, as we see in the book of acts, resulted from the infilling of the Holy Spirit.  Christians experienced being of one heart and soul, because that desire naturally followed from being filled with one Spirit.

God desires us to live a supernatural life, therefore we must be filled with His supernatural Spirit.  Not only that, but once you are filled, you must yield to the Holy Ghost and let Him live through you.  This is the point where most Christians falter in their walk with God.  Many, having begun in the Spirit through faith, begin to live their life through natural understanding of the scriptures.  Whereas at first people simply believed God without it making sense, now they will only believe God if they understand it.

We all desire unity

We all instinctively want to be unified with each other.  Harmony is very attractive to us as is peace, love, and a sound mind.  The desire to “stand by me” is deep in us and touches upon something fundamental to our nature.

Let the song “Stand By Me” speak to your heart

The song “Stand By Me” speaks to us, because all human beings need to have someone they can count on.  God is that person and those who yield to His Spirit will have that same love described in “Stand By Me“.  Allow God to speak to your heart today and let the message of “Stand By Me” be your calling too.

Stand By Me by Playing For Change