rembrandt_mennonite_minister_cornelis_claesz_1641It is written,

“And the glory of the Lord abode upon mount Sinai, and the cloud covered it six days: and the seventh day he called unto Moses out of the midst of the cloud.”

Exodus 24:16


Glory should be God’s domain for only He is worthy of it.  However, there are some thieves among us that try to edge next to God’s glory so that it will appear that the glory is theirs.  When you see ministers with large churches thundering the scriptures with great oratory many times this is an example of stolen glory.  Those scriptures were not originated with them nor were the prophecies they speak of given through them yet they act and sound like they were.   For some, such behavior lifts them in the eyes of the people to a place where they seem to be like God.   In essence, these imposters steal the glory of the words of God and His prophets and assume a position that they are not entitled to.

Stolen glory is what oftentimes allows ministries to grow into mega ministries.  This is the same type of spirit that birthed and grew the Universal Catholic Church to the point where it dominated whole nations during the dark ages.  A word from the pope could depose a king because people thought that as the vicar of Christ He spoke ex-cathedra. This is the same type of sin that goaded Lucifer to desire to ascend into the sides of the north and be like the Most High.  This is the spirit of antichrist.

Large is not always bad.  Thundering the revelation of God from the pulpit is not always wrong.  However, much of what passes for modern mainstream Christianity is merely a show of godliness because those who pretend to take on Elijah’s mantel refuse to submit to and thus deny the power thereof: which is the Holy Spirit.

True men of God will not please men and they will not be slick in appearance.  The greatest prophet the world ever knew (other than Jesus) ministered in the wilderness clothed in camel’s hair.  John the Baptist spoke the raw word of God that was given to him by God.  What the impostors of our time do is simply take the words of other great men of The Holy Spirit and pose as though they are great because they parrot their words.  However, they have no new revelation and do not hear from or represent God.

We need not coddle the egos of these types of hirelings that demand to be honored simply because they parrot the words of the prophets.  They have no moral authority to even untie the shoelaces of such men, let alone pretend to be equal with them.  These are narcissists who are in love with their image that they have created and passed off as God to people who desperately want to see God.  Some even go so far as to wear robes and style their hair and beards so as to look like Cecil B. Demille’s Moses come down from the mount.  Yet for all their posturing they possess none of the character, submission, or power of God that such claims require.  These would be emperors are poor, blind, and naked and it is high time we all realize the true magnitude of their ridiculous claims.  Here is a truth,


“Most true prophets will not be found within the church because the leadership will not allow them in their doors.”


Two good examples of a true men of God that did not steal God’s glory are David Wilkerson and William Branham. These are, to my estimation, two modern-day prophets who spoke a fresh revelation to God’s people but remained humble throughout their ministries and in their personal lives.

The Vision [David Wilkerson] 1Throughout his life, David Wilkerson consistently chose to follow God and speak the revelation that God gave him no matter what the cost.  He spoke current revelation and did not solely depend on reiterating what others said in times past.  Like the apostle Paul, he had a fresh and heavenly vision to share with others and used scripture to support what he preached.  He did what God wanted him to do without regard to what man thought he should do.  When a man has success but is willing to give up the success in order to walk with God that is the mark of a true minister.



branhamWilliam Branham was an early version of this type of prophet who spoke what God revealed to him no matter what it cost him.  I am convinced that to this day people do not understand the real import of much of what He said.  William spoke revelation which could not be understood unless the Holy Spirit revealed it to you because things of the Spirit must be spiritually discerned.  The truth is that many people do not understand prophets simply because they do not understand God.  True prophets speak from the perspective of God and since the natural man does not share that perspective the world cannot understand them.

Let us not steal God’s glory but allow God to receive all the glory.  Let us make a distinction between ourselves and those giants of the faith that God used in times past to speak as they were moved by His Spirit.  We are merely servants and, in truth, not worthy of any of God’s blessings let alone His greatness.  Let us reject the spirit of antichrist that seeks to replace the son of God with himself and sit in the temple as God.  I pray that God reveals this truth to those who read this and give them the grace to seek forgiveness if they have erred in this way.