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straight talk

A Love For The Ages

Spiritual connections, or the restoration of Divine Love, is the future of the unified Body of Christ.  It is what makes the church of Philadelphia possible and it proceeds a partial, pre-tribulation rapture. Moreover, The manifestation of Divine Love, is what deals a death-wound to the Beast.

I am offering some straight talk on this subject, because those who are called to be part of the Bride of Christ need to understand what is happening to them spiritually.

God says,

“…Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb…”

Revelation 19:9

Burning questions

The question that some may ask is,

“Are you saying that we can trust the Lord with our desires and allow Him to direct them?  Can we really be ourselves in God and just flow as the Holy Spirit leads?”


I say “yes.”  The truth is that the Holy Spirit will lead and guide us in all we do “if” we allow Him to.  In fact, nothing we do is supposed to be accomplished outside the leading of God’s Spirit. We are created to be perfectly one with Him until there is no difference between our Father and us.

In the New Heavens and New Earth people live and have their being in the breath of God. Everything we do, all that we are, is connected through His Holy Spirit.  Christ is our head and we are His body. Our divine relationship with Jesus carries over from this present world into the next. We are the Bride of Christ and intimately joined to Him and each other for all eternity.

Babies in eternity


As long as I am doing straight talk here, I might as well tell you that, in the world to come, men and women will fall in love and birth children.  We will literally populate, at the very least, the entire universe God creates through Jesus Christ. When we receive our glorified bodies, everything about us is made new, including our reproductive organs.  Our ability to procreate will remain fully intact and we will know physical love throughout eternity


In the New Creation of God, we are neither married or given in marriage. This means that a new and higher form of union exists between men and women.  Originally, God said to go forth, be fruitful, and multiply. Basically, God commanded us to bring forth after our kind.  Just as God brought Eve to Adam, so God desires to bring our mates to us.  From being friends, to procreation, YHWH leads and guides us in all we do in His new creation.

Surrender to God in the act of intimacy

As if that was not enough straight talk, here is a bit more: God is also intimately involved in our love-making.  The act of marriage, which often ends in mutual orgasm, is a spiritual as well as physical experience.  When a man and woman unite, the Holy Spirit is present as their spirits and bodies come together.  The truth is that orgasm is as close as many people ever get to God. Though many do not know or honor God personally, still they are descendents of Adam and a remnant of what we once were manifests itself during intercourse.  This is how children are born. Children are both conceived in the Spirit and through the flesh.


Earthly marriage, if it is not a spiritual connection joined by God, is not eternal. If you married through the will of your flesh, i.e. by your own desires and reasoning, that union does not continue into the New Heavens and New Earth. This is why Jesus said to those tempting him about the resurrection that they didn’t know the scriptures nor the power of God.  Natural minded Jews assumed earthly marriage would continue in heaven, but they were wrong. God replaces earthly marriage with spiritual connections and that is why the Pharisee’s argument against the resurrection was incorrect.

Spirit lead relationships

In the New Creation, relationships between men and women are to be led by the Holy Spirit.  There is no jealousy, envy, or any other selfish motives in the Kingdom of God.  In heaven, our only desire is to do whatever God wants.  This applies to how people form bonds and function in relationships too. In the age to come, we will pair as we are Spirit led.  We will just make love by the Spirit.


In that place, when and if the Holy Spirit desires for us to join physically with another, we will simply do so knowing it is the will of our Father. Perhaps you will live with and have children together with your mate for a few millennia. However, after that, God may lead your mate to join with another for the next ten thousand years. You may have multiple unions concurrently. If God reveals His will, Does it really matter what it is? The Holy Spirit leads us to mate, therefore we are fulfilled and happy with whomever He chooses.

God “seals” us in heaven.  Believers form lasting relationships in our eternal home joined together by His Spirit. All physical love will be a outflow of spiritual joining. Sealing by God’s Spirit will unite glorified lovers forever.

Divine love is a foretaste of the world to come

The phenomena of Spiritual Connections occurs in this creation because we are given a foretaste of the world to come through the gift of the Holy Spirit. Saints, whom God spiritually connects, begin to live in this world as they will live in the New Heavens and New Earth.  Just as spiritual unions supersede the institution of marriage in the world to come, spiritual connections supplant natural marriage bonds in this present creation. The straight talk here is that God doesn’t recognize most earthly marriages because people never involved Him in their creation in the first place.  Many times Spiritual Connections seem to violate “sacred vows” only because there was nothing sacred about those vows to begin with.

God does not recognize unions He does not create

This is one of the most difficult aspects of Spiritual Unions. God, often times, ignores our earthly vows as He forms spiritual unions. Love, intimacy, and commitment, normally associated with earthly marriage, often shifts to Spiritual Unions. People who make earthly contracts feel they have a right to their spouses, but God does not see it that way.  God only honors your choice of mate if you have married in His will.  If you did not, your marriage does not exist in the eyes of our Father.

Marrying someone who God does not choose is a grave sin.  You not only mess up your own timeline in God’s predestination, but you also do damage to your generations.

Straight talk: Hagar must go

This is why “divine divorce” is and will be a central part of the next move of the Spirit.  When God comes to His temple, He drives out those things that are not pleasing to Him.  Likewise, as God fills His people with His very nature, which is Divine Love, we must cleanse our temples.  God’s house must be in order and whatever grieves His Spirit must go just as God told Abraham to put away Hagar.

Many balk at such straight talk.  However, following God and becoming part of the church of Philadelphia, demands you listen to such hard sayings. The fact is, true believers must put away the Hagars in their lives.  This is as difficult today as it was for those who married unwisely when they came back from Babylon to rebuild the temple at Jerusalem. However, know that it is our rash vows that have caused this pain and not the commandments of God.

As taste of the world to come…today


As we taste of the world to come, we experience the New Creation. This is where all those wonderful spiritual experiences originate from. Therefore, what we experience as miracles here, are just daily life there. We, as citizens of another place and time, begin to act like strangers in a strange land.  Our customs are from another time and place, therefore our marriage rites differ too.

People recognize Christians by our love one for another. Hear me when I say this: God is not talking about a better version of earthly love but about heavenly love from above.  Throughout the New Testament, God speaks of Divine Love.  Many do not realized this because they read our Lord’s spiritual words with natural minds.


Would you like another kiss?


The straight talk on loving one another in the spirit is that we love each other as God loves us.  Spirit led saints do whatever is necessary to make sure their Spiritual Connection receives God’s love. This can be food, it can be shelter, it can be clothes, or it can be a hug.  As God loves through us we become whatsoever the other member of the Body of Christ needs.  Many Christians desperately need to “feel” they are loved. Unfortunately, just as many believers are afraid to reach out and be physically affectionate to others. Believers often avoid intimacy because they fear misunderstanding of their intentions.

Many believers live by the knowledge of “good”, therefore, they find true freedom uncomfortable.  Often times, we do only what seems good to our natural man and reject anything that does not fit within our narrowly defined understanding.  We strip the word of God of much of its power because we will only accept what we can know by our intellect. Anything that does not “make sense” to us is tossed aside as false doctrine or heresy. Truly, we have forgotten how to live by revelation.


Straight talk about jumping to sexual conclusions


Loving one another physically, as the Spirit leads, is perfectly in line with the will of God.  Notice, that when you read what I wrote your mind immediately thought of sexual intercourse.  What about hugging, holding, or any of the many other ways a person can show they love another human being?  Your natural mind, through fear, perhaps jumped to sex because the world has conditioned you to do so. The devil does his best to make intimacy synonymous with animal passion, which cares only about self gratification.  This is the exact opposite of what Spirit led intimacy is all about.

The straight talk is, that when you kiss a brother or sister because you are led to do it, lust is the furthest thing from your mind.  Your kiss is only meant to show them affection to the degree the Holy Spirit leads.  The Spirit of God in you kisses the Spirit of God in them thus “demonstrating” the love of God to each other.  Love given freely to meet whatever need your brother or sister may have is selfless love.  Perfect love casts out all fear.

Sometimes, people just need to be held to feel a caring, human connection. At other times we may feel put our hand on a brothers shoulder to show them acceptance or unity.  At other times God may lead us to do deeper and love them through more personal acts that demonstrate how valued they are. God will even join you as mates for eternity if a connection needs you to love them completely.  God does not lead people to have sexual intercourse outside of that level of commitment.


The Devil sets us up



People are set up by the Devil to reject the love of God and call it perversion.  Satan lies to us by portraying intimacy between men and women as illicit, dirty, or aggressive.  The Devil causes us to push away the real thing by predisposing us to see Divine Love in an unholy light.

The move of God’s Divine Love is almost upon us and that is why we need straight talk about it.  There are forerunners experiencing this level of heavenly love even as I write. Saints are experiencing the Love of God in ways that transcend this earthly realm. Experiences with Jesus and with other parts of the Bride of Christ in the bed chambers of heaven are beginning to take place.


When you fall away from love, you fall away from God


Many mistakenly believe that the great falling away will happen because Christians refuse to accept sound doctrine.  This could not be further from the truth. People will miss the day of their visitation because they will not accept Jesus as He chooses to come.  The great falling away occurs because people reject the love of God shown through the connected Body of Christ.

In conclusion,  I have more straight talk to give you, but I think that is enough for now. The fully realized Body of Christ is so different and so much more magnificent than we imagine that it is simply too much to take in at one time.  The truth is out there, but if God does not reveal it to you by His Spirit, you will not see it even though it stands before you in the flesh.


Further acts of love



Finally, in the world to come we love completely and unreservedly. What others need, we give with joy and abandonment. As we live by the law of love, we can and will do acts that astound and heal generations of bruised and hurting people.  You are about to see the unveiling of the Bride of Christ.  Amen.