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stranger things


Dear Brethren,

It came to me, like a flash of divine insight, that we don’t have to be intimidated about saying anything God shows us and here is why,


“Christians who wish to judge revelations given to us believe things that are just as impossible”



We all believe in stranger things


If I say that prophecy is “time travel” and some take exception to that, I say that they believe that people raise from the dead and walk on water.  If some want to criticize what I say about Divine Love, do not they themselves want to be the “Bride of Christ?”  So, it’s not a matter that they believe in reasonable things and we don’t, it’s simply that they think their supernatural beliefs are superior to ours.

The fact is that all Christians believe, by faith, in many stranger things that are not natural.  We all simply take God’s word for it and believe what He says. Supernatural is our birthright as the sons and daughters of God. It is not like your idea of stranger things is better than my idea of the stranger things.  What is at the core of people’s disagreement is if what other people believe is “the truth“.


We look through a glass darkly, therefore, do we really know the whole truth?


However, we “All” see through a glass darkly.  That means that everything is indistinct and “no one person” has it all right.  Besides, God justifies those who do His will, not just those who know doctrine.  All that knowing a lot about God does is make you responsible to live it.  Better to know a little and do that completely, than to know a lot and do very little of it.

When I write, I battle against a spirit of intimidation. This is one of the main spirits buffeting the people of God in this age. Some consider themselves to be the defenders of truth and want everyone to do everything that they think is right.  However, in light of stranger things I will not be intimidated any longer. After all, we will all find out just how accurate we are when we see Christ face to face.  Honestly, when the truth is finally revealed, we may all find that, compared to Christ’s reality, we didn’t understand very much at all.