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How Elastic Is Your Wineskin?

The reason outpourings of the Holy Spirit crash is because our present wineskin is not supple enough.  Our present theology cannot contain the new wine of the outpouring of God’s Spirit.  Thus, when our old wineskin bursts open, the new wine spills out in various unpleasant ways.

Many who criticize what God does blame the new wine rather than the catastrophic failure of the old wineskin.  Moreover, rather than admitting their old wineskin is useless,  many cling to their broken vessels.  Legalists seem to enshrine what once held wine even though it is useless.

Your old wineskin is not supple enough for the coming new wine

The theology of many churches is not supple enough and demands anything outside their doctrinal box be rejected and vilified. Church leaders often call what God does of the Devil.  Dogmatists  hold on to their teachings rather than admit what God does.  Those steeped in dogma must oppose new moves of His Spirit because their doctrine demands it.  Many reject Tabernacles because it’s the only  conclusion given the theological framework.  Just like the Pharisees of old they rejected the very God they profess to believe in.  Christians reject God manifest in His body because He is inconsistent with their belief system.

Here is a truth,

“You must choose between what you believe and what God is obviously doing.”

Peoples’ acceptance or rejections of  Tabernacles determines, in large part, whether they are raptured or follow the Antichrist.

We’re just doing it for your own good

Arch of Titus and Siege Of Jerusalem 70 AD

I am sure that right up until 70 AD the various religious institutions of Israel proclaimed that they had acted only in the best interest of their God and nation.  However, though they believed there actions appropriate, God violently disagreed.

Those who oppose the Spirit of God are basically in the same boat with those who rejected Jesus at His first coming.  People who reject the move of Tabernacles will believe they have every reason to do so. Reasons that will be no more valid than what the Pharisees said against Jesus.

An evil and adulterous generation demanded a sign that Jesus was the son of God, and he gave one. Christ pointed to the temple saying not one stone of that house would be left upon another.  Those who oppose the moving of God’s Spirit in Tabernacles will demand a sign as well. The sign of Tabernalces will destroy the established church. The sign of Tabernacles is Divine Love.

As it was then, so it is now.

Jesus and Nicodemus