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tabernacles central

Dear Connections,

The Tabernacle Experience is simply AWSOME!  It is everything you thought walking with God should be and much, much more.  When you encounter God’s Divine Love through another member of the Body of Christ, it is like coming home.

As I spoke with my Connection today, I added something to phrase “Tabernacles Central: A Place To Connect” that made a lot of sense.  Tabernacles Central is not only a place to connect, but also a place to heal.  Most of the Bride of Christ has been persecuted by the Devil from birth.  Many of these saints are beat up and sometimes shattered, whose only fault was being recognized for who they really are: God’s future wife.

True love brings about profound trust

One of the most amazing things about the love of God is that people who don’t trust anyone, trust Him.  Therefore, as God flows through another person, you instinctively trust them too.  Jesus is actually in someone ministering to you and the acceptance you feel cause you to open up.  Areas that have been way too painful for you to every show anyone, suddenly become vunerable again as you share them with God manifest in the flesh.  The Tabernacle Experience, through God’s saints, will bring healing to a lost and hurting generation.

Bringing the Tabernacle Experience to a city near you

I am beginning to lay out our plans for taking the Tabernacle Experience on the road.  I believe the time has come for us to demonstrate as well as talk about Divine Love.  By faith, Esther and I will detail what this looks like in this section to give a vision and impart a Spirit to those who wish to join us in this mobile feast.  We have some idea of what this will look like, but we are looking forward to how God leads.  A three-fold cord is not easily broken, therefore we look forward to the Holy Spirit leading and guiding us with others too. The Body of Christ is most welcomed!

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