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sample program

Love Feasts :

A Foretaste Of The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb

For summer and fall 2019, we are looking for three sites to host our Love Feast celebrations.  Many towns and cities in Utah have community centers that can be rented by the day or 1/2 day.  In the beginning I think that hold our meetings inside will help mitigate the chance of bad weather.  Also, many of these places have kitchens which will help in the food aspect of these final feasts.

While talking with Esther, a rough draft of a sample program looked like this. This will probably change as we move forward and figure things out.  If anyone wants to make suggestions please feel free to do so.  One of the primary things we desire is to activate the Body of Christ to do the work of the ministry.  So if you feel led of the Holy Spirit to contribute in any way, we welcome your participation!

love Feasts; A Sample Program Outline

10:30 Welcome to the Love feast introduction

  • Welcome to God’s Divine Love feast intro.
  • 5 Songs of worship to get people settled in their spirits, up and ready for listening to teaching (list to follow).
  • Teaching, to include about Divine Love and love feasts, also anything else that God is leading to teach about,  to prepare the way for the evening session.

12:30 Break for lunch/dinner

  • Food preparation for Lunch/Dinner/Drinks.  (*Group 1)
  • Chairs arranged for groups session later   (*Group 2)

2:30 Afternoon session

  • 5 Songs of worship again to get people settled in their spirits, up and ready for group sessions (list to follow).
  • Break into smaller groups to discuss teaching.

4:00 break for supper

  • Food Preparation for Supper   (*Group 3)

5:00 Supper

  • BBQ  (*Group 3)

6:30 Evening Session

  • Praise music workshop DJ, free floor to do as the spirit leads, dancing, revelation, worship, however God wants to take it.  (list of music to follow)   Just some songs as a base to get it going and create spiritual atmosphere etc…then literally let God’s spirit take over.  Starting with praise and dance, then leading into more intimate music.

9:30 Finish

  • This is an estimated end time, it obviously is subject to change depending on God.  Would thank people for coming and remind them to take a flyer and card with them, also telling them of next venue etc…

Spirit Break Out Dance