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tabernacles central

Tabernacles Central: A Place To Connect.

In the general sense, Tabernacles Central focuses on Spiritual Unions, i.e. helping the Body of Christ join together as God sees fit.  Promoting the concept that God dwells in us essentially sets Emanuel, or “God with us”, free.

Demonstrating what Spiritual Unions are is a core part of our mission.  Here at Tabernacles Central we believe in uniting with God through each other.  Spirit led connections in Christ’s body affect us in very powerful and fullfilling ways.

A place to worship

Therefore, providing a place for people to connect with each other is the next step.  Having laid most of the theology of Tabernacles down, now it is time to share with others how live it.  Right now, because of misconceptions within the church, many believers hesitate to allow God to love others through them.  Moreover, saints are fearful to receive love through other members of His body.

However, to the pure all things are pure.  When you are Spirit lead and allow God to love through you, you don’t have to fear sinning.  Jesus did not sin because He had no propensity to sin.  Likewise, as we all invite that same Spirit to dwell in us, we have no propensity to sin either.

A place to love

The unity of the Spirit comes through a shared experience of God’s Divine Love.  The Tabernacle experience is oneness with God.  Spiritual connections within the Body of Christ knit us together, fulfilling Ephesians 4:12,13.   God manifests in us through our love for one another.  Once the true church is unified, not through doctrine, but by experience, we naturally do the work of His ministry.  It is said that people don’t care what you have to say until they know that you care.  What better way to show others love than for God to love them through us?

We are moving beyond the teaching of Paul and the apostles into the current word of God for our day . As we return to innocence God writes His scriptures upon our hearts.  Therefore, we naturally do the actual intent of the Bible.  Being living epistles, we do not have to be Bible scholars in order to live Christ like.

A place to find out new things about God

Most people don’t understand that the first century church was not perfected yet.  Though the Apostles led the people of God very effectively, they never fully entered into the final feast, which is the spiritual fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles.  Thus, when people try to emulate what the first Christians did, they end up being incomplete also.  Not only that, but in our quest to emulate the book of Acts we become bound by its limitations.

However, in our day, God wants us to complete the journey to Tabernacles and become one with Him.  Holding modern-day love feasts is part of bringing us into that perfection, because only as God manifests His nature through us can we be perfect.  Tabernacles Central: “a place to connect”, provides the freedom and revelation necessary to finish this journey together.

A place to find yourself

Resources become available as people find their place in God. I deeply appreciate all the help and advice people are contributing to this effort.  Truly, bringing something like this to fruition is not a one person job.  It takes a connected body of believers to do the work of the ministry.

When you ask yourself “what does God want me to do?”, refelct upon what is already avaliable to you. Like Samson, what do you have in your hand?  Whatever you have, plus God, equals more than enough. It can be advice, spare stuff you don’t need, time spent helping others, your prayers, or many other things. Everything we need will appear if we will simply “Listen, Hear, and Obey on Time”.

Many saints also have talents, known or hidden, that God can use for His kingdom.  Simply step out and do what you can do, trusting God will do the rest.  In reality, God has given us all we really need: each other.

A place to be one

As God brings us together in Him, through His Divine Love, we do the work of His ministry.  Many hands, when given over to God’s Spirit, make short work.  It is then that Christ’s yoke is truly easy and His burden light, because it is shared by so many.  Things that looked daunting alone, become possible together.  Oneness with God is the most powerful force in our universe.  Tabernacles Central believes that with God in us, nothing is impossible.

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